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Choosing the Right Source for a Grader Blade in Australia

Finding a durable, dependable grader blade in Australia that will last you for many years should not be a challenge. Determining what implements are worthy of your investment shouldn't be difficult, either, but too often you may find more.

Find Solar Pumps in Australia Capable of Handling High Demand

When it is your responsibility to determine how best to move huge volumes of water, such as for the supply of livestock drinking water, using solar pumps in Australia is worthy of your consideration. As solar technology has advanced by more.

Find a Reliable Slasher for Sale from a Proven Brand

Are you looking for a slasher for sale in Australia? This piece of farm equipment plays an important role in many agricultural settings, making quick work of slashing grasses or cropping residue down to nothing. Preparing land for planting more.

Find Grain Augers of Any Size, Including 4 Inch Augers and Other Small Portable Models

Being able to get your grain into a bin anywhere on your farm property is an underrated capability. With portable grain augers, this kind of versatility is easy to achieve. Not only can portable augers be used anywhere on your farm property more.

Expand the Capabilities of Your Farm with New Machinery Implements from Burando Hill; We Are Suppliers for the Very Best Companies and Manufacturers in the Agricultural Industry

Since 1976, Burando Hill has been helping farmers across Australia reach the next level by providing the latest and most reliable arrays of agricultural implements. Our tagline is ‘Innovative Farming,’ and we believe that mission is evident in the more.

The Benefits of Getting New Agricultural Equipment from Online Dealers

For Australian farmers, getting new agricultural equipment efficiently makes a huge difference in everyday operations. You need parts like clamps, floor belts, and valves to keep your farm up and running, but it can be hard to find agricultural more.

Beyond the Tractor: Where to Get Specialised Agriculture Equipment and Farm Instruments for Sale

Today’s farmer has a lot more to do than merely look after a field with crops or a herd of animals. To keep up with current demands, farmers need high-quality and specialised agriculture and farm equipment that will both increase productivity more.

Process your Grain Easy with a Machine Selected from our Various Agriculture and Farm Machinery

Agriculture and farm machinery have changed over the years to enable an increase in output in a quicker time frame. Yet, when you are on the search for a new agriculture machine you want to be confident that it will do the job you require more.

Count on Burando Hill for High Quality Bin Augers, Corn Augers or Post Hole Augers in Australia

Perhaps your farm needs a new post hole auger for installing fencing, or maybe you need a larger grain auger to meet the growing demands of your harvest season. No matter what type of auger you are seeking, you can rely on Burando Hill to provide more.

Get Farm Equipment from Knowledgeable Dealers Working with Reputable Companies

When it comes to choosing the right farm equipment you want to be confident that what you’re purchasing will do the task to a high standard and that it will be of benefit to your farming process. The ideal farm equipment should also be useful more.

Find the Right Sized Feed Augers, Earth Augers or Auger Conveyors by Shopping with Burando Hill

Finding the right auger for a particular application is not always easy for farmers or other agricultural enterprises. Everything from design to size can impact an auger’s implementation and affect its overall ability to serve the needs of the more.

Why Choose Bredal for a Lime, Fertilizer, or Pull Behind Spreader?

Spreaders are simply a part of life for the majority of Australia’s farming community. For farmers who need spreaders for fertiliser, lime, sand, or other materials, Bredal is a brand you can trust. Durable and built to last, these more.

Locate High End Grain Bin Augers in Australia from Auger Manufacturers

Considering how many thousands of years mankind has been farming grains to feed ourselves, it’s amazing that the grain auger is less than a hundred years old. Based on a rotating helix in a tube, it wasn’t until the widespread use of the combustion more.

Handle and Prepare Your Grain More Effectively with Reliable Grain Cleaning Machines and Systems from Burando Hill; We Stock Grain Cleaner Equipment from the Finest Manufacturers

When you harvest your grain, it isn’t immediately ready to be packaged and shipped. On the contrary, most raw grain crops include large quantities of dockage—including seeds, stems, chaff, straw and debris from weeds. Properly removing these unwanted more.

The Easy Way to Find New Agricultural Machines for Sale from Machinery Dealers and the Manufacturer

It’s impossible to imagine modern agriculture without the machines that make it possible. There’s a nearly endless variety of machines which are used for different aspects of the industry. Chemical handling, grain and seed treating, grain handling more.

Get a New Rock Bucket with Grapple or Rake from Burando Hill

Heavy farming and landscaping jobs require a variety of special equipment attachments. Of these, a bucket attachment with or without a grapple may be among the most versatile. Here’s a guide to making sure you choose the right rock bucket more.

Where to Get Reliable Farm Tractor Attachments and Implements in Australia

For Australian farmers, your tractor is a tool that can be used for just about anything. From spreading seeds and fertiliser to acting as a rock bucket, your tractor is nearly unstoppable when you incorporate the right tractor attachments more.

Trade in Your Farm Machinery and Equipment from These Manufacturers at Burando Hill’s Dealers

People have been farming for thousands of years using whatever tools or equipment they have had on hand. While doing things the tried-and-true way is one valid approach, there may come a time when you simply need to upgrade and get something more.


Simplifying Your Search for the Right Banjo Plumbing Parts and More


Some brands are almost synonymous with the products they make available to their customers, and it's no surprise that Banjo means plumbing parts. In applications where corrosion is often a concern and highly more.

Save Time with Bredal Spreaders and Make a Hard Task Easier


Could Bredal spreaders offer a dependable solution for streamlining important but tedious agricultural tasks on your farm? Whether you need to adjust soil acidity, enrich the ground with new nutrients, or even spread seed, Bredal is more.

Quickly Move Grain Where it Needs to Go with Farm King Augers


Preparing grain for shipment or to store away for later is no small task, but Farm King can help to make the job faster and less complicated. For farmers growing grains of all kinds, having access to the right array of augers for more.