The Legend ECU creates a Wifi signal on the bar, which is then picked up using a tablet in the cab. No outside phone connections are needed. It does need power on the bar (12v) for the ECU to send its signal. The only cabling needed on the bar is the loop around the heads connecting all sensors & the ECU. 

The signal in the cables can go both ways, which helps to determine where any errors might be. For example if a cable is pinched, the system shows you between which sensors the problem is. You can also turn individual sensors off in case they are faulty. This system comes with a history feature, that records every minute what each sensor is doing (Green, Yellow or Red). This means if you have many red blocks in the history, you can hold the driver accountable. 


Very similar to the Legend WIFI, this ECU connects to the seeders control system which enables it to see what sections on your bar are active. This stops the system from alarming when a section is inactive.

This system currently only works with the new Topcon Apollo system.

Keep in mind that the standard Legend system has a Predictive Section Aware feature that can be enabled by the user at any time. It works by grouping sensors on heads together. When a group does not detect any seed or fert at the same time, these sensors will go purple. This could still indicate a blockage, but the driver can verify this by checking the section to ensure the system is correct. 


Each sensor has 4 infrared eyes that count particles as they go through the sensor. The sensor itself is a straight-through sensor that goes in-line, and is suitable for both seed and fertiliser. After adding the sensors and wiring to your bar, follow the manual to run the basic setup. Once your system is on your bar and set up correctly, you can do the final calibration while seeding. This is because the system needs a benchmark to keep track of. Once the system has the benchmark set, it keeps track of the up and down movements of your seed / fert. If your rates vary too much from your benchmark (for example when half your head is blocked), a rate alarm will go off. If a sensor does not detect any particles moving past it will trigger a blockage alarm. 


To prevent strips in your paddock the Agtron blockage monitor has in-line sensors that each has 4 infrared eyes to detect movement. You calibrate the system while seeding, as this provides the baseline that the system keeps track of. Once the rate changes outside of the set parameters an alarm will go off, indicating a problem often caused by blockages or if the bin is empty. These blockage monitors come in various models to suit different seeder setups. 


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