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Ace Pump


These pumps are made to work on your sprayer, liquid fertiliser cart, or any machine that is involved with chemical application. Optional wet seal is available, as are stainless or cast housings with our high quality farm pumps. 

We usually carry stock of both Ace parts and complete pumps. 

Banjo Pump

The Banjo pump is the top choice when moving water or chemicals. Easy to maintain and repair with full viton kits available, these pumps can't be beaten on price, ease of maintenance and durability. 

We usually carry stock of both Banjo parts and complete pumps. 

John Blue Pump
john blue_edited.png

Made from cast iron and extremely durable, these pumps are hard to beat when it comes to pumping liquid on your seeding bar or liquid cart. Different drive options include ground, hydraulic or engine drive. We stock the pumps and parts, and provide both maintenance and re-build services in our Katanning workshop. 

We usually carry stock of both John Blue parts and complete pumps. 

Davey Pump

We sell these pumps for firefighting kits, but Davey has a pump solution for just about any situation. 

We carry some parts, but new pumps are available by special order only. 

Onga Pump

ONGA Pumps include the Blazemaster firefighter pumps, and although they make an excellent firefighting pump, we also use these pumps with a Viton seal kit on the Burando Hill boomsprayers as a pressure pump. 

We carry some parts, but new pumps are available by special order only. 


HYPRO centrifugal pumps are designed for agricultural spraying that includes water, insecticides, herbicides, wettable powders, emulsives, liquid fertilizers and more. Hydraulic drive and stainless housings. 


We stock repair kits and parts, but new pumps are available by special order only. 


We are liquid application specialists, having designed and built our own tow-behind boomsprays in the past. The pumps we have access to will cover all agricultural jobs ranging from swathing, spraying, seeding and pickling. We stock parts, pumps, and can provide rebuilding services where applicable. 

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