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Nyrex Chase Bins

From 18T up to 62T, with Single Axle for the smaller sizes and Tandem, Track or Tri-Axle available for larger sizes. All Nyrex chaser bins come with a 22" unload auger. 

akron standard chaser bin

- Braked axles

- Low centre of gravity

- High capacity hydraulic folding 22" auger

- Hydraulic jack stand for fast and efficient hook up

- Full length clean out doors

- Floating cushioned draw-bar for smoother ride

- Light kit & camera kit for improved safety

- Adjustable auger covers for greater control over the discharge speed

- Electric adjustable chute

- Height adjustable towing tongue

- Heavy duty roll over tarp

firefighting kit for chaser bin

A firefighting kit to suit your chaser bin is optional. It includes 2 x 400 Litre tanks, 30 Meter hose & hose reel, and a 2" Blazemaster pump with either engine or hydraulic drive. 

Other options are available, including: 

- All hydraulic drive for 22" auger

- 3 Mtr axle spacings (applicable to 16T / 18T)

- 1050/50R32 Flotation tyres for single axle

- Sample chute

- Weigh scales

- 8 Ltr fire extinguisher

- 800 Ltr fire fighter with petrol or hydraulic drive

- Weld in ball hitch

- Poly chute

- Colour match


Having built chaser and field bins many years ago ourselves, we know what makes a quality bin. Besides the best quality, these bins have many options such as a fire-fighting kits, different size unload augers, colour matching and more. 

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