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The Farmking Slasher is made to clear rough area's where stones, tree stumps and debris are hidden by weeds. A heavy duty unit, it requires minimal maintenance. On the larger sizes of our slashers, a stump-jumper is mounted above the blades to the gearbox, which allows the blade assembly to glide over uneven terrain.

This piece of farm equipment plays an important role in many agricultural settings, making quick work of slashing grasses or cropping residue down to nothing. Preparing land for planting or cultivation has never been easier than with the Farmking Slasher/Rotary Cutter, a heavy-duty piece of agricultural equipment that we are proud to offer at Burando Hill. 

It can clear away anything. Slashing through crop residue to prepare a parcel for a new crop is one thing; cutting through weeds, shrubbery, tree stumps and other debris or obstacles in an overgrown area is another. The Farmking Slasher can handle either but is especially unique in its ability to work through rough terrain that may be dotted with rocks, tree stumps and other potentially equipment-ruining impediments. Larger models include a ‘stump jumper,’ which allows the slasher to glide over even the roughest terrain without damage.


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- Available slasher widths are 5ft, 6ft and 7ft

- 6ft slashers and above include a stump-jumper as standard

- Required power ranges from 25hp to 75hp

- PTO drive

Are you interested in purchasing a new slasher for your farm? Our slashers are suitable for tractors ranging from 25hp up to 75hp. Contact Burando Hill today to find the right slasher for you.

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