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Farmking Grain Cleaner

Using a two-stage cleaning process, the Farm King Grain Cleaner is designed to separate dockage, rocks and other unwanted contaminants from grain before it is shipped or stored. Cleaned grain when stored dries faster and sometimes screenings can be used as animal feed. Our grain and seed cleaner are the best for an Australian farm.

The Model 482 Grain Cleaner has a 48" diameter drum with a 98" length, 15" wheels, 8" x 11' mounted delivery auger with trash pan system. A Monarch 1.5 kW single phase electric motor drives the auger, and a Monarch 2.2 kW single phase electric motor turns the drum using a v-belt. 

Max capacity of the cleaner (depending on moisture content and the amount of trash) is up to 30 Tonne/Hr for wheat. 

Farmking Grain Cleaner Screen

The outer screens are galvanised laser cut over-locking interchangeable screens, and compliant with CBH standards. Each Grain Cleaner requires a set of 3 screens, and they can suit different products ranging from wheat, barley, canola or lupins. This enables you to use one machine to clean a variety of products depending on which screens you have. 

Using a grain cleaner is always essential when preparing recently harvested wheat or other grain crops. Properly cleaning your grain before you store it or ship it out to a supplier or customer can benefit your farming operation in many ways, from profit to reputation.

Let’s start by looking at profit. While removing dockage from grain crops takes time—and involves an investment in grain cleaning equipment—it also yields increased profit in numerous ways. First, with grain storage, you inevitably only have limited capacity for storage in your grain silos. The last thing you want to do is waste precious space on chaff or straw or weed seeds. Cleaning your grain ensures that only valuable grain is being stored. It also removes the impurities that would take up space, thereby enabling you to store more true grain on your premises without having to buy a new silo or otherwise expand your storage capacity.

When it comes to shipping your grain out to buyers, you can save money there too. Again, the weight and size of dockage can add cost to your shipping bill while also reducing the amount of actual grain in the shipment. Cleaning your grain before shipment cuts down on shipping costs and guarantees that the customer is getting a purer product. Cleaned grain also dries faster, which means you can get it into storage or ship it out sooner.

Finally, your customers will notice your commitment to offering a quality product. Buyers can tell the difference between cleaned grain and grain that is littered with dockage. Building a reputation for being a farm that only supplies thoroughly screened grain will win you repeat business, help your word of mouth and boost the overall favourability of your agricultural venture.

The Farm King Grain Cleaner can handle up to 30 Tonne an hour (wheat) and are cheap and easy to run. The grain cleaner has different screens in sets of 3 that can be easily changed by using the over-center fasteners. Different screens suit different grain sizes such as canola, wheat, barley and lupins. Switching between different screens, the same grain cleaner can work through all your products, which enables higher grades when delivering it to the bin. 

Are you interested in purchasing a new grain cleaner for your farm, whether to save money or to elevate the quality of your product? Contact Burando Hill today for help finding the right unit for you.

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