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The sizes available are 25t, 35T and 45T.


- Twin 18" discharge augers, all hydraulic drive. 

- Rain caps on both augers to prevent water ingress when augers are folded down

- Stainless steel "V" floor and auger barrels

- Hand held remote controls

- No contamination from seed and fertiliser

- Use at harvest time as a chaser bin

- Unloading capacity of 7 Ton per minute


Having built chaser and field bins many years ago ourselves, we know what makes a quality bin. Grainking lives up to the Australian conditions and have built a rock solid reputation over the years. Wearable parts are easy to come by and we have most parts in stock. The Seed and Super Bin is designed with two equal sized bins and dual augers with unloading capacity up to 7 ton per minute. The seeding unit is designed for minimal contamination and maximum efficiency. GrainKing Seed and Super Bins come standard with features that make operating efficient, safe, and convenient. All bins are equipped as standard with a handheld wireless remote for the hydraulic sweep augers and heavy duty braked axles because reliability and safety are a top priority. Our bins are built to withstand the harshest environments with heavy duty materials and ingenious design. The bins can be used at seeding and harvest time, as well as throughout the year for mixing grain into sheep feeders.

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