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Farm King Grader Blades


The Farm King grader blades are manufactured using more steel, which adds strength and durability. Available in multiple sizes with varying options, they are capable of tackling tough grading projects. 

We supply quality 3 point linkage grader blades with sizes from 7ft up to 12ft, ranging from 15hp to 150hp. Heavy duty and built to last, our grader blades come with cutting edges that can be inverted and replaced. 


- Reversible blade, twice the wear life

- Width sizes are 7ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft

- For 9ft and up, rear gauge wheel. Ratchet jack out of the way when not needed

- For 9ft and up, 3-Way hydraulics for tilt, offset and angle

- Suitable for tractors ranging from 15hp to 150hp

- Cutting edge is both reversible and replaceable

indutar 1.png
Nivella Grader blades


The Indutar Nivella 585 is a heavy duty versatile grader made in Brazil, ideal for post harvest farm tracks, waterway repairs, and construction of ditches. 


- Blade width 14ft / 4.26mtr

- Recommended 95 - 160 hp

- Vertical rotation of 25°

- Horizontal rotation of 120°

- Centerline offset

- Wheel external width 2.75m

- Approx weight 2200kg

- Approx weight with ballast 2600kg

- Max height with raised blade 2,6 mtr

- Double command hydraulic

Product information sheet (7 mb)

Choosing the Right Source for a Grader Blade in Australia

Finding a durable, dependable grader blade in Australia that will last you for many years should not be a challenge. Determining what implements are worthy of your investment shouldn't be difficult, either, but too often you may find yourself spending hours looking through equipment catalogues when all you want is some straight information. At Burando Hill, an independent equipment supplier for nearly 45 years, we understand your frustrations — and we've developed our services to address them all. As the Australian distributor for industry-leading equipment manufacturers such as Farm King, we make it stress-free and straightforward to consider and buy grader blades for a wide variety of purposes. Consider how we deliver a valuable service and pave the way to a faster acquisition process for your operation. 

What Sets Burando Hill Apart When You Want to Buy a Grader Blade? 

We know how important it is to have the right tools for the job — especially tools that you can use for many different purposes around the farm. When you explore our collection of grader blades and opt to place an order with our business, you'll find we're different in several ways:

  • Our staff have an excellent knowledge of all the products we sell and provide in-depth information about them. When you have questions, we have the answers. 

  • We want to suggest what's best for your applications, not what a manufacturer wants you to hear. We provide a clear view of the facts so you can make your own choices. 

  • We offer freight service Australia-wide so that you can take advantage of our capabilities no matter where you work. 

As an independent equipment supplier, we're best positioned to provide insights that aren't tied to what someone else wants us to say. Instead, we provide an honest and transparent service for all.

Tips for Getting More Value from Your Grader Blade 

What can you do to make your investment in a new grader a smart one? Understanding how to care for the equipment, and where to turn when you may need spare parts of other assistance, is an important step. Here are some of our tips for extracting more value from a grading blade:

  • Choose the correct size. We offer several blade sizes; choose one that matches your tractor's capabilities and the typical width you need to grade. 

  • Keep your blades clean. Periodic cleaning will ensure that rust and other corrosion does not develop. 

  • Opt for reversible blades, such as those we provide. When you may easily switch the blade direction around, you functionally double the hardware's usable lifespan.  

Why Burando Hill is a Cost-Effective Way to Buy a Grader Blade 

With the capability to supply locations across all Australia and friendly staff waiting to help you identify the right hardware, outfitting your agricultural operation has never been easier. Draw upon our decades of experience and tap into a convenient resource for many other kinds of equipment, too. For purchasing enquiries or help to find what you need, contact us online or by phone today. 

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