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Made in WA, these solar pumps are built to last. The Sun Mill solar pumps are designed deliberately as a low-tech product for reliable operation and easy field servicing. They require very little attention. Using a tracked system, these mills will pump up to 40.000 litres a day, ideal for thirsty livestock. 


We stock a large range of parts for your convenience. The electrical parts are all "plug-in" units, so there is no need for any electrical expertise. 

Occasionally the seals need to be checked, and someone needs to give the stuffing box a few squirts of grease. The great thing is that most system components are at ground level where they are easy to get at​. 

Accessories include pressure and float switches to turn pumps on and off so you can automate your water delivery system and concentrate on the more profitable areas of your business.

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- Non- corroding pump components

- Light sensitive sun tracker

- Power maximiser

- Low tech product

- Key operating parts above ground for easy access

- "Off the shelf" nitrile seals

- Application for dam, bore, trailer or skid mount

Find Solar Pumps in Australia Capable of Handling High Demand

When it is your responsibility to determine how best to move huge volumes of water, such as for the supply of livestock drinking water, using solar pumps in Australia is worthy of your consideration. As solar technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in just the last decade, heavy-duty applications are now within easy reach. At Burando Hill, we are proud to act as suppliers for SunMill solar pumps. Created domestically in WA, these high-intensity pumps and their associated solar panels are easy to install and maintain. At the same time, they reliably achieve the high fluid throughput you require, especially when moving water from a dam site. Consider the advantages these pumps provide and how you can use them to avoid common issues you may have encountered before. 

The Benefits of Solar Pumps for Dams from Burando Hill 

There are many reasons to consider switching away from the fuel-driven pumps which have been the dominant means for fluid transfer on farms for many decades. Saving on the cost of the fuel is perhaps the biggest and most obvious benefit of them all, but it is far from the only one. Some of the other advantages to using solar pumps for dams in Australia include:

  • Extremely straightforward maintenance procedures. Above-ground access for most components makes it easy to repair problems. 

  • Low-cost replacement parts for when maintenance does become necessary. For example, all seals are standard nitrile products available in many places. 

  • Longer service lives owing to non-corroding parts. With better internal construction and fewer metal parts that wear out, your pumps last longer without losing efficiency. 

Problems Solar Pumps from Burando Hill May Help to Address 

Aside from conferring the benefits described above, transitioning to pumps running on renewable energy will also help you to solve or avoid certain problems you may otherwise encounter. Avoid frustration and costly downtime due to broken or fouled pumps when you use products that address issues such as:

  • Time-consuming maintenance and extended downtime caused by pump hardware that is hard to access or difficult to use. Occasionally checking the seals and re-lubricating the pump mechanism is typically all you'll need to do. 

  • Lack of pumping power in difficult spots. SunMill products work "in situ," or in one place, but trailer and skid mounting is also a possibility for transportable capabilities. 

  • Lack of opportunity for frequent pump check-ups. The "low tech" nature of the designs used by SunMill ensure proper continuous operation without the need to check back regularly.  

About Burando Hill 

Founded in 1976, Burando Hill is the proud provider of decades of reliable service and supply to the agricultural industry. Unaffiliated with major equipment manufacturers, we're able to provide unbiased insight and information about all the products we sell. If one pump model is not suitable

for your needs, we're happy to say so rather than sell you a product that won't rise to the level you require. Explore more about how to buy solar pumps when you contact us today

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