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The bagger has an easy lift cradle system for bags up to 330 feet long. User friendly mechanical height adjustment.

Features include: 

- Easy Lift Cradle System for bags up to 330 feet long. Minimized labor to install the bag

- Steady flow bagging performance

- Tunnel for bags of 9 feet

- Requires 60 HP

- High capacity reception hopper

- Sliding Hydraulic pan

- Hydraulic brake, easy to adjust, precise system


The unloader moves automatically as the bag is wound up. The pusher plate means less grain to shovel out of the bag end. 

Features include:

- Unloading performance of 360 tonnes/hr

- Requires 90 HP

- Independent hydraulic controls

- Hydrostatic movement; The machine moves automatically as the bag is wound up by the roll. Includes speed adjustment system and reduction gearbox


Silo Bag are the best quality bags on the market! All bags are 240 micron thick. 

Sizes are: 

9' x 75 Mtr

9' x 90 Mtr

10' bags available by special order only. 


The AKRON Grain Bag Storage System has proven to be very successful in the places in which the system has been adopted. Designed to save money and time, but also to improve your harvest logistics, it is a system that enables quick and flexible on-farm grain storage for an affordable price. The system consists of AKRON machines that effectively supports harvest and after harvest operations, and it enables you to manage your grain marketing strategy after harvest.

Store grain on-farm for surge capacity and to avoid waiting lines at the bin. Process grain to a higher grade for higher returns. Pocket handling charges and invest in your own farm infrastructure.