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Comes with a 3000 Liter spray tank and 200 Liter flush tank, height adjustable hitch, BANJO plumbing and filters. Many options, including pump with engine, or hydraulic pump, or ground drive pump with clutch, optional transfer pump (BANJO), rate controller or manual controller, pumps, clutch, and plumbing to suit different sized swathers. 


The saddle tanks include a frame to suit your swather, 2 x 800 Liter tanks, and plumbing to suit. Fitting is optional, as is the rate or manual controller, and an engine drive pump or hydraulic drive pump. For more information please view the video and images below or contact us. 

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We can also supply complete liquid kits to suit your swather front, optimised to work with the swathing cart or saddle tanks. Our kit size depends on your needs (Width, nozzle spacing and other factors) and includes pump, filters, hoses, valves, distribution manifolds and more. 

Rates per hectare are set by combining pump pressure and choosing an orifice plate sizes in conjunction with the amount of tynes and bar width. We can help determine the best solution for you and quote a kit to suit your specific needs. We can also install the kit for you, or send the complete kit to you (freight costs vary). 

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A swathroller compacts your swath by pushing it down, which reduces crop loss by preventing some of the wind scattering.

- 2.42 Meter roller width

- Adjustable drawbar

- Roller height is easy to adjust


We manufacture complete spraying solutions for your swathing season, which includes carts, saddletanks, swath rollers and liquid kits to suit your swathing machine. Keeping you going through the seasons is important to us. To enable this, we also import and stock the relevant quality fittings, pumps, flow-meters, electrical valves and everything else needed to finish the job properly. Our experience with liquid applications is extensive.