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The ultimate workshop for your farming needs in Western Australia

Have you been looking for a workshop that is specifically tailored to the servicing, repairs and customisation of farming equipment? If you are a resident of the Great Southern area of Western Australia the Burando Hill Katanning workshop may be the place for you. We offer a variety of services and options to improve the farming equipment you use every day.


Help with assembly


If you are busy or do not have the adequate experience to put together farming equipment, you could be forced to pay more for something that you can not alter to fit your farming needs. If you are looking for assistance, the Burando Hill Katanning workshop will look after you. We build most of the equipment that is sold by Burando Hill in our workshop. Each machine is built to quality standards and we will do the same for your builds, whether big or small. We can then transfer this knowledge into the assembly work we do for our clients so that they know they’re being looked after. 


Plastic Welding


Has one of the plastic tanks you use finally succumbed to years of work and climate and decided to crack? Luckily, this can be easily repaired saving you a lot of money. Our plastic welding specialists fix the bins around all over our property. This exposure not only shows the ability of our workers but their knowledge of how to traverse farms and other properties to fix them. We can often work out what will need to be fixed with a few photos sent by you and a call explaining when the crack happened. 


Metal Lathe


If you have an internal problem relating to gears or parts within your farming machinery, our metal lathe can help you. Whether you have to match bearings to your shaft size or you need new keyways that will fit your sprockets, we can get them cut to your specifications. This can also be a one off job, so if you have something that needs fixing quickly, we may be able to help. 


Pump repair 


If you are having problems with a pump for your machinery there is no simple fix. That is why thoroughly inspect your pump to make sure of the problem. Then we order the correct parts to fix the affected areas of your pump. Once we receive them, we will disassemble your pump and reassemble it with the working parts. We do this for all types of pumps, from chemical transfer pumps to electrical house pumps. 


Sheet metal cutting 


When replacing a piece of sheet metal on any piece of equipment, a jagged edge or rough finish can both be a safety hazard and not visually pleasing. If you have the measurements of a piece of sheet metals you need doing, we can provide you with that. We can cut and bend your metal so it is fit for purpose and fit for your needs.  


Spray booth


We also handle aesthetic details with our in-house spray booth. Whether you have just put a piece of equipment together and are looking for a nice even finish or you need a new part sprayed to match an existing paint job, we have you covered. We do a multitude of colours in finishes that range from gloss to primer. 


Quotes provided in advance


After finding the service you want, you can get a quote for the services you are after. This request will be sent to our workshop workers, whose expertise will help them get a quote accurate to your project. This will include additional materials if you are looking for a customisation or repair service. 


Farm services available 


If you have a piece of farming equipment that can not be delivered to our Katanning workshop, we can still assist you. If you contact our team they can see whether or not they can get the required equipment and the required personnel to your farm. If they can, we can send them to your farm to fulfil any services or repairs that you may need done to keep your farm running smoothly. 


If you are looking to get a piece of farming equipment fixed at a professional workshop with years of experience, contact Burando Hill today. You can contact our workshop on 1300 287 263.

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