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Quickly Move Grain Where it Needs to Go with Farm King Augers

Preparing grain for shipment or to store away for later is no small task, but Farm King can help to make the job faster and less complicated. For farmers growing grains of all kinds, having access to the right array of augers for every job you may face is essential for smooth daily operations. Whether it is loading grain for transport to its destination or scooping up piles to clean away unwanted dockage, where should you turn to find the right products? At Burando Hill, the Australian distributor for Farm King, we're your number one source. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Farm King Augers for Sale 

Investing in any equipment requires careful planning and consideration first. How can you make sure that you make the most of any outlay on an auger? Try these useful tips:

  • Evaluate current successes and failures with existing equipment, or engage in a more in-depth consideration of your needs. Now is the time to consider compatibility with other equipment, for example, or to determine how much grain your augers should be able to move over a given period. Understanding these facts helps guarantee you can invest in capable equipment. 

  • Reach out for experienced assistance during the buying process. Have unique concerns or special use cases you'd like to discuss? Burando Hill's highly skilled associates can lend their insight to aid you in developing a solution that fits the bill. 

  • Pair augers with other equipment from the same manufacturer for maximum convenience and longer equipment life. For example, Farm King grain cleaners available through Burando Hill can optionally use an auger for automatically feeding more grain into the drum. Look for ways to make your investment do more work for you. 

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Farm King Parts 

At Burando Hill, we also provide parts and components for Farm King grain cleaners and more. Unfortunately, this is one area where making simple mistakes is all too easy. Watch out for common concerns such as:

  • Delaying necessary repairs or refurbishments because of a perceived lack of easy access to the necessary parts. With Burando Hill, easy ordering and a quick dispatch are just a few clicks or a phone call away. 

  • Selecting the wrong component for the job. Always take care to investigate what you need to make a fix, or rely on our experience to help decide. 

  • Neglecting the opportunity to keep some commonly needed parts on hand to expedite repairs in the field or to reduce downtime on other equipment that sees regular heavy use. 

With the right approach to purchasing spare parts, you can develop true peace of mind on the job. 

Why Burando Hill is a Cost-Effective Choice for Farm King Parts Online 

As the Australian distributor for Farm King, we occupy a unique position. Whether you purchase directly from us or through one of our many dealers, you can rest assured you're receiving a competitive price thanks to our unique relationships and dedication to top-shelf quality. Alongside good prices, we also offer fantastic service. Demystify the world of augers and their parts today — contact us for more information. 

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