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The equipment you’ll need this grain harvesting season

With the grain season set to start across Australia and the seeding of grain set to continue to June, we have put together a guide on the equipment that you will need to optimise your harvest. Underneath you will find a summary of what equipment you will need with a link to further helpful information to make this year's harvest the best one yet. 


Grain silo 


A grain silo can be a farm’s best friend when used correctly. These silos can make a crop that has been harvested last longer. With an aeration system, your grain will remain at a consistent temperature and humidity. This also lessens the moisture in the grain and moisture migration between them. Dry grain lasts longer and will increase the time frame that you have to sell your grain. 


Grain auger 


No grain silo is complete without something that allows for quick transport of grain, this is where an auger comes in. They are highly portable and can make the transportation of grain more efficient. They also allow for you to have a larger harvest thanks to this saving in time. Before investing in an auger, confirm that it is taller than your grain silo or transport truck as the chute empties grain into the top of the unit. 


Grain handling machine 


When actually performing your harvest, you will need something to assist in the collection of grain, this is where grain handling machines come in. Grain handling machines are the various bins that are available for the collection of grain. With a variety of features that differ from whether they are field bins, chaser bins and Seed and Super Bins. These bins offer a variety of selection to suit your individual needs.


Grain bag


Alternatively, if you are looking at a way to store grain in the short term or looking to get your grain out quickly, grain bags are an exceptional alternative. Grain bags are the perfect way to store grain for transportation, as they are easy to load and unload. Another benefit is that these bags can be sealed to be air tight and remove the need for taste affecting preservatives. 


Seed cleaner 


Having the best technology for your grain season is pointless if you are planting substandard grain. Using a seed cleaner removes the chance of contaminants entering your equipment and your final harvest. Not having this sorted now will affect the amount of money you can get for your grain. For one, quality grain means you charge higher for your wares, whereas uncleaned grains do not offer this financial benefit. Instead, they can become infested by bugs or become mouldy thanks to mycotoxins. 


If you have any other questions about the equipment that was mentioned in this article and how they can be integrated into your harvest plans, contact our helpful team here on 1300 287 363

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