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Process your Grain Easy with Our Agriculture Machines 

Agriculture and farm machinery have changed over the years to enable an increase in output in a quicker time frame. Yet, when you are on the search for a new agriculture machine you want to be confident that it will do the job you require of it while also lasting through the many tough seasons of use. At Burando Hill, we are experienced and knowledgeable in farm machinery and, therefore, will supply the right type of machine that you need. Our vast selection of quality farm machines ranges from aiding in grain handling and storage to chemical mixing and general farm equipment.

Our farm machines are tested and selected for their quality, durability and viability over an extended period. While also being heavy duty, our range of agriculture machinery is easy to maintain, simple to use and able to undertake the hard tasks that are required when working a farm. As an independent company, we import, assemble, manufacture, service and repair machinery that we also sell with confidence.

Quality Agriculture Machines

When the weather is unreliable, you can be sure when you put your trust in our agriculture machines, that they will faithfully do the job they were designed to do. You can select a quality grain handling machine to help with your farming through our range of equipment including augers, storage machinery, transport bins as well as a suitable farm machine for grain processing.

We have been importing augers from Canada for many years, and our experience with them has proven to us that they are the best in the industry. By making these available to the wider Australia, we have been helping farmers work efficiently with this machine to put the grain where they need it. With various size diameters and lengths, you can select an auger that is tailored to your needs and requirements of farming. They are designed for maximum strength with features that allow for easy use, manoeuvrability and to last through the decades.

With our grain storage machinery and equipment, you can also invest in quality farm infrastructure that will handle and protect your commodity on your land. This is a great way to reduce handling costs when outsourcing your storage as well as decreasing the time waiting in line at the bin. Our selection of baggers and unloaders through to silo storage allows you the ideal solution for the storage of your grain.


Alternatively, our grain transport machinery including high capacity chaser bins and heavy-duty field bins will save time by being able to move a high quantity of grain to where you need it. Our range comes with some extra features such as a fire-fighting kit, colour matching and more if desired. Dual purpose bins in our transport range are ideal for multi-season use, or if you want to opt for a dual compartment or augers, you’ll also be avoiding cross contamination.

Experienced Staff

Our staff have a vast knowledge and experience in the agriculture machinery industry even to the extent of building some machinery ourselves. From sowing seed to the processing of the grain we have a wide range of machinery that will make your work more efficient. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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