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Get Farm Equipment from Knowledgeable Dealers Working with Reputable Companies

When it comes to choosing the right farm equipment you want to be confident that what you’re purchasing will do the task to a high standard and that it will be of benefit to your farming process. The ideal farm equipment should also be useful from one season to the next and work in various weather conditions, without fault. At Burando Hill, we pride ourselves on being farm equipment dealers that only work with the best in the industry to bring you machinery and equipment that has been tested and proven for its design.

We are an independent company with experience as farm equipment dealers since the late 1970s. We have built up to have an extensive Australia-wide dealer network so that wherever you are, you can source quality farming equipment from trusted companies. Our goal is to actively search out innovative products from across the world that is advantageous to the agricultural industry in Australia.

By doing the hard work and working with reputable companies in the farm machinery business, you can trust that our numerous dealers have the most reliable heavy duty and quality equipment. We make sure that the products we stand by have been tested by ourselves. As a company, we have also been involved in the design, manufacture, assembly, service, wholesale and distribution of equipment that expands and revolutionises the farming process.

Vast Range of Farm Machinery and Equipment

Our range of equipment covers many agricultural areas such as grain handling, storage, chemical mixing, liquid application, monitoring devices and more. The products are chosen for their heavy duty design as well as being simple to use and maintain. Whatever you require, our products will be ideal for the tough work and land associated with farming.


We work with various brands including FarmKing, Bredel, Akron, Dura Products, Shoule, and many more. All these respected companies manufacture equipment to a high standard that, if maintained, will see you through many seasons of sowing and harvest. For example, the Shoule rock buckets have tips that are forged steel meaning they will not bend and are designed to be durable.


The hardened steel of the rock bucket, either with or without the grapple, makes it a robust tool able to take the harshest of punishments when working. The design of the tips considers load distribution while a stopper keeps the rocks from tumbling back which then ensures more volume capacity and therefore, allows you to work more efficiently. This product is of the highest quality and has a limited lifetime warranty.


Work with Reliable Farm Equipment Companies

With our numerous years in the agriculture equipment industry, we have been able to narrow down the list of reliable companies to work with, so you don’t need to. If you require farm equipment for cropping and pastures, chemical mixing, grain handling or general farm work, please contact us today to discuss your ideal machinery. With our wide range of quality products and nationwide dealers, we are sure to get you what you need.

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