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The benefits of solar pumps for your farm

When looking for a way to deliver an untapped source of freshwater for your livestock, you will likely require a pump. Pumps can be arduous to install, costly and may require your regular attention to make sure they are dispersing an adequate supply of water. There is a simple alternative to this conundrum, however, and that is a solar pump solution from Burando Hill. 


Why you should consider solar pumps over fuel pumps


There are a multitude of reasons why solar pumps can benefit Australian farmers over fuel pumps. For one, with the decreasing amount of fossil fuels and increasing prices, these pumps are becoming unsustainable for Aussie farms. Fuel is also more volatile when it enters a pump system. This means you will likely have to undergo expensive repairs or replacements if a seal bursts. Even if you do not experience these problems, you will still have to regularly check on your pump to make sure that it is working correctly. With a solar pump you do not have to worry about this, as they are built with fewer problem elements to consistently check. The parts are also low cost and easy to access, with our Burando Hill parts page having plenty available for Sun Mill solar pumps. 


Why choose Burando Hills solar pumps


Made by Sun Mill, these solar pumps are a great way to take advantage of Australia’s sunny climate. Harnessing the often unobstructed UV rays that Australian farms experience, you can use your solar pump to deliver a specific amount of water for livestock. This can be supplied from dams and bodies of water on your farm. The pumps are low-tech, making them ideal for self-installation. This is furthered by the “plug-in” collection that comes with these pumps, making them easily serviceable. These “plug-ins” can be attached straight to a system without any tampering with electrical components, making upgrades easy and affordable. 


Quality materials mean they’re built to last 


Sun Mill Solar Pumps are also extremely sturdy, being built specifically for Australian farms. All of the pipework within the systems are built with non-corroding pump components. With this, you can assure that the water being provided to your livestock is free from rust or other contaminants. This also means that you will not have to worry about any hefty repair work. If you do need to perform any fixes to your pump, then the low tech design will make this easy. All of the key operating parts and systems are located in the above ground section of the pump, allowing for ease of access. The seals and areas in the pump that require re-lubricating are also easily accessible and do not require regular checks. 


A range of helpful accessories so you get the most from your solar pump 


There are a variety of accessories available for Sun Mill Solar Pumps to make sure you get the right functions for your farm. The accessories that come standard include pressure and float switches for automated water delivery. These pumps can be turned on and off based on the amount of water that has been pumped into the area. With multiple pumps, you can use this function to focus on areas that require more water. This is delivered accurately thanks to the light sensitive sun tracker. This system means you can pump up to 40.000 litres a day from one pump depending on the requirements of your farm. There is also a power maximiser that controls energy output so that you have plenty of power stored for when the sun is not in full force.


Depending on the area you want to place your pump we sell mounts to provide optimal support to your solar pump. This includes applications for water collection from dams, bores, trailers and skids. 


Ready to invest in a solar pump for your livestock? Check out our Sun Mill solar pumps page to request a quote today. Alternatively, get a quote from our friendly team on 1300 287 263

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