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Ag plumbing & fttings
Agricultural Pumps
Teejet spraying nozzle
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Our spare-parts departments specialise in identifying, stocking and ordering the right parts for the equipment we sell, giving you peace of mind that there is always a backup plan. 

Because we work with alot of liquid products, we have a wide range of stock on hand to support this. Often you will find customers in our shop making up an entire plumbing kit from start to finish, using fittings, taps, valves, gauges, gaskets, hose, clamps, and more. We will have what you need to finish the job. We also stock a number of pumps and their parts, and have access to just about any pump you might need. 

We used to build boom-sprayers at Burando Hill. One legacy from that is that we still stock and sell a range of spraying parts, from nozzles, caps, poly risers, and everything in between. 

Any machinery that we sell will benefit from the many parts that we stock, such as sprockets, chain, bearings, uni-joints, various oils, batteries, and more. And even if you have not bought your machine through us, we can still find the parts needed to keep you going and are happy to help. 

Specialised parts

BANJO Fittings

To quote one of our customers:"It's like LEGO for farmers." The flanged connections make it a breeze to change setups in the field with only a screwdriver. It also enables you to angle fittings any direction you want. With so many quality options available, we use it almost exclusively on our products where applicable. 

Available in the online store!

Philmac Fittings

With competitive pricing and easy plumbing, Philmac products complement our other fittings in many ways due to Philmac's wide range of products. 

Available in the online store!

Arag parts

We stock quality filters, taps and electric valves from Arag. Ideal for use on your sprayer or liquid cart, these products are top quality. 

Available in the online store!

Agricultural Hose

We stock chemical suction hose, pressure hose, spray hose, gauge line and can order in lay-flat firefighting hose and seeding hose. Much of it is available on our web store. Anything else is usually available to order overnight if it's in large enough quantities. 

Available in the online store!

Agricultural Electrical parts

Solenoids, flowmeters, shutoff and regulating valves, we have everything you need. 

Available in the online store!

Thread sealant

When plumbing, there is more to a good seal than a bit of old thread-tape. Rector Seal sealants have a soft-set which makes them vibration resistant. Recommended for use on threaded galvanized steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, polyethylene, fiberglass reinforced, PVC. We use it on all our plumbing projects. 

Available in the online store!

Ace Pump

These pumps are made to work on your sprayer, liquid fertiliser cart, or any machine that is involved with chemical application. Optional Wet Seal is available. 

Available in the online store!

Banjo Pump

Chemical transfer pumps, the Banjo pump is the top choice when moving water or chemicals. Easy to maintain and repair with full viton kits available, these pumps can't be beaten on price, ease of maintenance and durability. 

Available in the online store!

Dura Pump

Easy field maintenance, durable and high quality, these 12V pumps are designed to beat the competition on all levels. The Auto Batch Unit completes the kit which enables you to set a volume of water you wish to dispense, and move on to another job while the pump shuts off automatically at the required amount. 

Available in the online store!

Davey Pump

We sell these pumps for firefighting kits, but Davey has a pump solution for just about any situation where a pump is needed. 

Available in the online store!

John Blue Pump

Made from cast iron and extremely durable, these pumps are hard to beat when it comes to pumping liquid on your seeding bar or liquid cart. Different drive options include ground, hydraulic or engine drive.

Available in the online store!

Onga Pump

Originally sold as Blazemaster firefighter pumps, we also use these pumps with a Viton seal kit on the Burando Hill

boomsprayers as a pressure pump. 

Available in the online store!

Teejet spray parts

Optimise chemical efficiency and minimize waste with Teejet, designed to deliver the precise performance you need. Concerned about drift? Require excellent canopy coverage? Need excellent distribution over a wide range of pressures? We have just what you need.

Available in the online store!

Wilger Spray Parts

These nozzles come with the whole package, from tip to cap, seal and holder. For any spraying needs, Wilger has a solution. Our Geraldton branch are stockists of Wilger. 

Airtec spray parts

The Airtec spray system is known as a twin fluid system, which means both air & liquid are used in the process of liquid atomization. This means that the droplets produced by AIRTEC nozzles are significantly different from those produced by conventional spraying systems.

FarmKing Auger Parts

We are specialists in organising parts for any Farmking machine. From augers to grain cleaner, grader blade to finishing mower and slasher, we have you covered. 

Parts are available in the online store!

Trufab bin parts

Every season we help our customers maintain their chaser and field bins. Sprockets, heavy duty chain, uni-joints and bearings, we will either carry it or have access to it at short notice. Even a complete custom overhaul for your machine by the Katanning workshop is possible. 

Agtron parts rate & blockage monitor

We stock a wide range of parts for the Agtron rate & blockage monitors, to provide backup for all the kits that we sell. From conventional to WIFI kits, we will stock the parts you need to keep going. We also test and upgrade Agtron ECU's and monitors, for free. 

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