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Slashing or Mulching, which is better for the job?

If you’re a farmer with a large area of grass that requires maintenance, you’re likely to be searching for effective alternatives to a ride-on mower. Lucky for you, there are a couple of alternatives available on the market. 


Agriculture Slashers 


Agricultural slashers are a type of agricultural implement that is best used for clearing paddocks. Slashers are ideal for maintaining larger, thick, grassy areas. Slashers are often purchased specifically for grazing properties. Slashers are the recommended machines if you’re looking to gain control over your grass and get it back into a manageable state. 


Mulchers or Flail Mowers 


Mulchers have a “Y” or “T” shaped blade that is attached to a long shaft. As the blades cut the material, it’s held underneath the mower for a longer time. This ensures that the grass gets shredded into finer clippings. These clippers are evenly spread across the width of the mower to stop clumping and piling. 


Flail mowers are the ideal machine for cutting through vines and bushes. Making them the perfect option for grassy and overgrown areas with a lot of vegetation. 


Which machine should you choose?


Here are some quick tips to help you pick which machinery is best for your farming operations. 


  • For home: For house paddocks, flail mowers are best. 

  • Grassy and bushy areas: Both slashes and flail mowers can be used. They can both manage growth and vegetation built-up with ease, especially if it’s a large mowing job. 

  • Pasture improvement: For overall soil health, flail mowers are your best choice. These machines handle heavy grass and stubble while providing a beautifully finished cut. 


Choosing the right machinery


Interested in purchasing new farming equipment? Burando Hill is an Australian wide agricultural equipment distributor. If you’re after a new slasher, their available range is suitable for tractors ranging from 25hp to 75hp. 


Over the years, Burando Hill has built a strong reputation for supplying agricultural solutions for Australian farmers nationwide. If you have any questions about our machines available or services,  please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team on 1300 287 263

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