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How To Choose The Right Grain Handling Machine For Your Production

When it comes to choosing the right handling solution, how do you know which chaser bins are the most efficient for your production? 

As one of Australia's largest agricultural equipment and parts distributors for products in grain handling and storage. We know what products have useful applications for Australian agriculture. Here are our picks for high-quality grain handling machinery:


Field Bins


Maximus Nyrex Field Bins | GrainKing 


GrainKing offers a range of Field bins built to drive efficiency and innovation. They offer top of the line paddock solutions while upholding a global reputation for quality and integrity.  The Maximus bins can be transported with up to 20T of content. The bins are also equipped with heavy-duty braked axles and are designed to withstand the harshest of Australian farming conditions. There is sure to be a product that suits your needs with 1600,000 litre and 200,000 litre Maximus bin sizes.


Chaser Bins


Nyrex Chaser Bins | GrainKing


GrainKing and Nyrex offer an award-winning chaser bin that has been helping Aussie farmers reduce their costs and increase efficiency on the farms for years! The Nyrex Chaser bin has a modular design that allows easier access for transport around Australia. The system means simple on-site maintenance and upkeep. These chaser bins are designed for harvest efficiency, convenience, and are operator friendly. To top it off, the Nyrex Chaser Bin is manufactured with Strenx high tensile structural steel, making it one of the lightest bins on the market! 


Seed & Super Bins 


Nyrex Seed and Super Bin | GrainKing


They’re the market leaders for seed and super bins, eliminating all seed and fertiliser contamination. All their seed and super bins feature unloading twin 14’ augers, stainless steel V floor and auger barrels, and have certified heavy-duty hydraulics. The seeding unit has been designed for minimal contamination and maximum efficiency. 


Quality Farming Machinery 


Having built chaser and field bins ourselves, we know what it takes to design a quality bin. GrainKings machines not only live up to the Australian farming conditions but they have a rock-solid reputation. 


If you’re interested in any of the equipment listed above, feel free to contact our team at Burando Hill for more information or to request a quote. 

Feel free to have a browse through the other agricultural equipment we have for sale too! 

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