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Get the perfect pump for your spray equipment

At the heart of any capable sprayer is an equally capable pump system. Whether you are using it to pump water or chemicals, you need to know that you have a resilient and high powered pump to get the job done. But when looking for a suitable pump system for your sprayer, you need to know it is one that is both good enough for your farm and will last for a long time. At Burando Hills we provide exactly that, multiple strong and reliable pumps that will benefit your spray equipment. 


HYPRO centrifugal pumps


The HYPRO centrifugal pumps are the ultimate all rounder. They are designed to handle all kinds of agricultural spreading, including water, insecticides, herbicides, liquid fertilisers, wettable powders and much more. This is thanks to their stainless steel coating that comes as standard with each pump. This makes them rugged and ready for whichever occasion they are required for. This stainless steel coating extends to their seals, with a lifeguard silicon carbide providing the protection the pump needs. Furthermore, with a hydraulic drive powering this pump, you know you will get the perfect amount of spread when it comes to your sprayer. 


Banjo pumps

Another pump suited for both water and chemical spraying applications is the Banjo pump. These pumps provide a great package for those looking for a pump that is both easy to use and maintain. Banjo builds their pumps with a glass reinforced polypropylene, making them highly durable, rigid and lightweight. These pumps have high corrosion resistance and high stress crack resistance. Whilst these pumps will last a long time thanks to their durability, viton kits are available to purchase alongside them. This means that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can easily handle any situation that comes your way. 

Ace Pumps


Ace pumps are the perfect option for anyone looking for a pump that can handle all manner of chemicals. Whether it is required for spraying liquid fertilisers, pesticides or any other chemical, this pump is built with a sturdy housing. With its versatility in ease of mounting the pump can be installed wherever it is required. The design of this pump also makes it easier to maintain, with FKN mechanical seals being installed for easy reemployment of new seals after any potential fixes. Optional extras add further usability, with an optional wet seal providing extra safety to anyone using it.


Furthermore, the additional extras of stainless steel or cast coatings will mean your pump will continue to look as good as it sprays.


John Blue Pumps


If you are looking for a pump with power, then a John Blue pump is for you. With an extremely durable cast iron housing, these pumps are the perfect choice for someone looking for a permanent solution to their liquid spraying requirements. This pump is perfect, whether you are looking for an addition to your seeding bar or something that will easily refill your liquid cart readying it for spraying. This pump comes with different drive options in order to suit your needs, with either hydraulic or engine drive to choose from. When ordering one of these pumps you can have full confidence in being able to properly maintain it with us. We not only stock parts for these pumps but also offer maintenance and rebuild services too. 


Ready to find the pump that suits your needs, contact Burando Hill today. Our friendly staff are experienced with everything related to spraying and will be happy to help. Call us on 1300 287 263 to learn more today. 

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