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Seed Cleaners: The Importance Of Grain Cleaning Equipment 

Why You Should Clean Grain


There are many reasons why you should invest in grain cleaning equipment on your farm. For starters, removing coarse contaminants that could otherwise damage conveying equipment, plug sprouting and bin discharge and lead to contamination of the finished product. 


Removing foreign material from grain lets the grain flow better. When grain is dirty, it attracts insects and can harbour mycotoxins or mould growth. Removing any foreign material from grain will result in safer and more sanitary storage of grains. 


Clean grains also lower dockage levels for shipment of grains, lowering these levels help increase the quality of grain to reach a higher market grade. If you clean your grain, you can sell it at a much higher premium. 


Cleaning Equipment 


There’s a variety of equipment on the market to clean grain. Seed cleaning specialists will use a combination of grain cleaners and sorting processes to efficiently remove unwanted materials from the grain, leaving you with only the purest, strongest and resilient batch of seeds. They do so by using a number of techniques such as:


  • Seed Separation By Size: All the grain that comes from a single harvest is fed into the machine all at once, this radically speeds up the cleaning process. Seeds are then sorted by size to ensure the smaller seeds don’t accidentally get mixed in with the larger ones. 

  • Dust Removal: Colanders and vibrators remove any dust, dirt, weed and damaged seed particles that might contaminate the mix, leaving you with only the most vigorous seeds guaranteed to bring you the maximum return on your investment. The unwanted seeds are ejected from the machine, to ensure they don’t accidentally get mixed in with the quality seeds. 

  • Galvanised Steel: Machine parts should be made from rust-proof galvanised steel to ensure the machinery itself doesn’t contaminate your seeds. 


Farmking Grain Cleaner


If you’re looking for a grain cleaner designed and built for Australian conditions, FarmKings grain cleaner is the machine for you. Designed to handle up to 30 tonnes an hour, this grain cleaner is cheap and easy to run. The grain cleaner has different screens in sets of 3 which can be easily changed by using over-centre fasteners. Having these different screens suit different grain sizes and allows you to clean through all your products. This offers a higher grade of seed when delivering it to the bin.


Whether it’s to save on money or to elevate your product quality, If you’re interested in purchasing a new grain cleaner for your farm contact Burando Hill on 1300 287 263 today for help finding the right unit for you. 

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