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Top Reasons To Use Grain Bags

Grain bagging has recently gained popularity among farmers for the resourcefulness, flexibility, and cost-efficiency they provide. There are many reasons why farmers are loving this efficient and innovative storage technique. 

Below are some benefits of utilising grain bags during your harvest season:


Time Saver


When you bag grain, you’re reducing your time loading grain into your trucks and transporting it to grain bins or elevators. You’re able to harvest the grain and store it right on the field. This dramatically reduces work time by eliminating the back and forth travels to your traditional storage containers.


Increase Efficiency


Bagging your grain is easily the most flexible and efficient method for grain storage. Grain baggers let you bag your grains anywhere that’s convenient, there’s a limitless capacity and fewer labour constraints. You have the freedom to move grain faster and segregate grain easily into different storage bags. This creates a completely streamlined process for your harvest. 


Improves commodity 


The bags are the ideal environment for grain. When sealed, they are airtight, which excludes the need for using chemical preservatives offering better grain quality. When commodity prices are low, and storage constraints exist, bagging gives you flexible storage options. This gives farmers the control and to plan the right time to market their crops for maximum dollars. 


Reduce labour issues


With grain bagging, you use fewer trucks, meaning your labour inefficiencies and costs will naturally lower. And because grain can be stored on the field after being bagged there is no need for any additional labourers. 


Storage Solution


If you’re a farmer who rents additional land, doesn't own their own storage bins, or would rather not deal with the cost and inconvenience of using elevators, grain bagging is an easy storage solution for these issues. There are virtually endless options of storage when you bag your grain.


Reliable and transportable 


Once grain bags are sealed, the oxygen levels decrease and carbon dioxide increases. This change in the environment cancels various strains of fungal diseases and insects without the use of harsh chemicals. When you’re ready to sell your crops, you can unload them after your harvest and when it’s a more convenient time. 


Longer harvest window 


With grain bags, farmers can harvest operations earlier in the season and run later into the season by bagging grain that is higher than average moisture. When you unload the grain and dry it at a later time you lower the chance of bottlenecks at your grain dryer. 


To learn more about the benefits of grain bagging and to see which products could improve your harvest capabilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff on 1300 287 263. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through everything required for your grain bagging needs and answer any questions you might have. 

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