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What a grain handling machine can do for you

Grain handling machinery is a category that encapsulates the variety of grain bins that are on the market. Varying in size and function, these bins are a crucial part of any harvest. Being one of Australia's leading specialists in grain handling equipment, we want to highlight the importance of your grain handling machine. 


What a grain handling machine does

Your grain handling machine provides a myriad of functions, with different types of bins having different perks. A basis of the bin is that it is somewhere to put your grain while harvesting it. They also come with an auger, so if you have somewhere long term to store the grain, like a silo, it is easily transferable. 


Why you need a grain handling machine 


A grain handling machine is essential in grain farming, without it you’d be unable to collect harvested grain in large quantities. While there are alternatives to storage on the market, the grain bin is a vital part of the collection process as well. With most grain handling machines being towed on the field while harvesting or being static within the area, they offer an efficient way to collect grain that will be either offloaded to different vessels or used for the grain's future transport. 


What are the choices of grain handling machines?


At Burando Hill we offer a range of grain handling machines, with each one suiting an individual need. Our selection includes Field Bins, Chaser Bins and Seed and Super Bins. Field Bins are the formative models within the grain handling machine framework. They offer base level features like windows into the bin and an entry chute. On top of this, they offer the standard auger and PTO system as they are often only towed behind large vehicles. There are two brands available for this type of bin at Burando Hills, the Maximus Field Bin and the Titan Field Bins. 


Whilst field bins are usually a static form of grain handling machines, the chaser bin provides a mobile experience. Being towed behind the harvesting equipment, they offer a continuous collection of grain that can be offset into storage and used again. At Burando Hills we offer Nyrex Chaser Bins varying in size from the 18T to the 54T. With its added features, like a camera kit for improved safety and a cushioned drawbar that helps the towing process, the Nyrex is a leader in the field bins range. 


If you were looking for a mix of the two prior grain handling machines with some added features, the Seed and Super Bins will fit your needs perfectly. With the ability to work both as a static bin and as a towed bin, this bin offers a variety of functions. These bins also offer protection from contamination, with their design deterring the spreading of seed and fertiliser. Burando Hills offers the Grainking in sizes ranging from the 35T to the 45T. With double augers that allow for an unload of 7 tons of grain per minute, these machines are able to do everything you'd require of a grain handling machine. 


If you are looking to take the first step into a grain handling machine or looking to upgrade, contact us today. Our staff can help you find the best choice of grain handling machine for you, simply contact us here

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