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Slasher for Sale

Find a Reliable Slasher for Sale from a Proven Brand

Are you looking for a slasher for sale in Australia? This piece of farm equipment plays an important role in many agricultural settings, making quick work of slashing grasses or cropping residue down to nothing. Preparing land for planting or cultivation has never been easier than with the Farmking Slasher/Rotary Cutter, a heavy-duty piece of agricultural equipment that we are proud to offer at Burando Hill. 

The Benefits of the Farmking Slasher 

What makes the Farmking Slasher the right piece of equipment for your slashing needs? Here are a few reasons why Farmking’s version of this essential agricultural machinery is such a safe, dependable bet:

  • It can clear away anything. Slashing through crop residue to prepare a parcel for a new crop is one thing; cutting through weeds, shrubbery, tree stumps and other debris or obstacles in an overgrown area is another. The Farmking Slasher can handle either but is especially unique in its ability to work through rough terrain that may be dotted with rocks, tree stumps and other potentially equipment-ruining impediments. Larger models include a ‘stump jumper,’ which allows the slasher to glide over even the roughest terrain without damage. 

  • It comes in a variety of sizes. The Farmking Slasher is available in four widths: five-, six-, seven- and eight feet) and two power ranges. As mentioned above, all larger models (those six feet or greater in width) feature the stump jumper as a standard feature. 

  • The gearbox stays protected. Between the stump jumper and the PTO drive (which includes a shear pin), the Farmking Slasher’s design protects the gearbox from damage at all times. There is also a chain kit installed on all models that helps minimise issues with flying debris. 

What Sets Burando Hill Apart as a Place to Find a Slasher for Sale 

What makes Burando Hill the right place to shop for slasher for sale? Here are a few of our core selling points:

  • We have more than 40 years of experience. We have been operating since 1976 and have made an impact on the agricultural industry throughout Australia. With four branches located in Western Australia and Victoria, respectively—as well as an extensive dealer network that spans the entire country—we are a trusted authority when it comes to agriculture machinery. 

  • We sell a wide variety of agricultural products. From augers to silos and chemical mixers to slashers, we have become known as a sort of one-stop shop for agricultural machinery in Australia. We don’t sell tractors or harvesters since we are not a dealership, but we sell virtually everything else. 

  • We are the distributor for Farmking in Australia. We are incredibly proud to be the distributor for Farmking products in Australia, including augers, grain cleaners, roller mills, grader blades, slashers and mowers. Shop with us to purchase machinery from this excellent brand.  

Why Trust Burando Hill for Your Slasher for Sale? 

Between our decades-long experience, proven relationship with Farmking, knowledgeable staff and our drive to help agriculture industry businesses throughout Australia, we are the perfect place to shop when you need a slasher for sale. Contact us today to learn more

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