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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Grain Auger

A grain auger is a vital tool for any Aussie farm dealing with lots of grain. Augers are portable and convenient equipment that help you move grain quickly into your silos or transportation truck. 


Purchasing the wrong type of auger for your operation can cause disappointing results, such as money and time loss, and poor grain quality. To ensure you make the right choice, here are five helpful tips when purchasing an auger.


Accurate Measurement


Before you purchase an auger, make sure you take careful and accurate measurements of the grain bins you will be filling. The auger will need to be long enough to easily reach above your tallest silo. 


If your silo isn’t on a raised platform, make sure you’re measuring the actual height of the bin from the ground. And factor in the diameter of your grain silo too, you want the auger to reach it far enough to deposit the grain directly in the middle of the bin for a more efficient filling. 


Crop Type Determines Diametre


The diameter of the auger you choose determines the amount of grain you’ll be able to move per hour. Keep in mind that dried grain needs less diameter and horsepower, while wet crops require a wider diameter to achieve the same results. 


Most augers are listed for dry corn, so always increase the diameter of your operation and process crops wet. 


We recommend that even if your crops are dry, you may want to opt for an auger over 10in mainly because it won’t need to work as long. 


Power Source 


The length and diameter of your auger determine the amount of power it will need to run. The longer and wider the auger, the more power required. There are two options available, augers running off a tractor or using a stand-alone electric motor. 


If you’re using a tractor, remember that most augers are designed to run at 540 rpm. Make sure you’re checking your tractors rpm before you purchase this option. 


If you decide to use electric motors, check and see that you have access to a power source. Single-phase power can be used for a motor of up to 15hp, but three phase electricity will be needed for motors using a higher rating. 


Hopper Options


Don’t forget to look into your hopper options! The hopper is the relay between grain wagons and the auger. Different hopper heights work better than most, but it’s generally recommended to choose lower heights. 


Weigh The Costs 


Like all farm equipment, the cost depends on the size and options. The bigger the auger, the more options and functions you need the most it’s going to cost. 


Lucky for you, Burando Hill offers three different types of augers. As an Australian-wide agricultural equipment and parts distributor, we have an abundance of farm equipment suited for Australian farming conditions. 


If you’re interested in any of our products or want to learn more about our augers, please contact us on 1300 287 363

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