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Find Grain Augers of Any Size, Including 4 Inch Augers and Other Small Grain Auger and Portable Models

Being able to get your grain into a bin anywhere on your farm property is an underrated capability. With portable grain augers, this kind of versatility is easy to achieve. Not only can portable augers be used anywhere on your farm property, but their small size also makes them nicely manoeuvrable and user friendly. Having at least one of these smaller augers on your farm premises can save time and enable you to get more work done—even when you don’t have a whole crew of farmhands to help you.

If you’re in the market for a small grain auger, Burando Hill can help. Since 1976, we have been selling high quality agricultural equipment to farmers just like you. Today, we pride ourselves on the broad range of different products we provide. That variation certainly applies to our selection of grain augers, which run from smaller units to more substantial, high capacity designs.

Best of all, our staff is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the products we sell. If you aren’t sure which auger is right for you, we would be happy to advise.

Choosing a Small Grain Auger

If what you are looking for is a smaller grain auger unit, you should start by looking at the pencil augers we sell. Pencil augers come in 4 inch and 6 inch models and have lengths ranging from 11 feet to 26 feet. With their variations in size and width, these augers can meet the portability needs of your farming team.

Our augers are easy to move around, easy to use, and they also don’t lack in durability. All our pencil augers come from Farm King, a trusted brand with a long history of providing quality products. If you are worried about a smaller auger being somehow ‘cheaper’ or less structurally sound, you needn’t worry with a 4 inch grain auger from Farm King.

If something does go wrong you can always call Burando Hill. Not only are we suppliers of high quality farming equipment, but we also offer parts and servicing on agricultural machinery throughout Australia. If your auger breaks down or malfunctions, you can trust us to fix it and get it back up and running again, good as new.

Create a More Versatile Farm with a Portable Auger

Enabling portability on your farm can help your team accomplish more work in less time. Whether you end up utilising your portable auger while the augers back at the silo are in use, or just use it to sort grain closer to the harvest site, it’s always useful to have a smaller and more portable model. To expand the versatility of your farming operation, add a small and portable auger to your fleet. For help finding the right model, or for more information about why these smaller and more manoeuvrable augers are useful, feel free to contact our team at Burando Hill today.

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