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Where to Get Reliable Farm Tractor Attachments and Implements in Australia

For Australian farmers, your tractor is a tool that can be used for just about anything. From spreading seeds and fertiliser to acting as a rock bucket, your tractor is nearly unstoppable when you incorporate the right tractor attachments. Finding the right farm tractor attachments and parts you need all in one place can seem impossible, and you need an agricultural equipment retailer that supplies the perfect tractor implements for you.


At Burando Hill, we know the importance of being able to get tractor attachments that work for your farm, and we strive to get you the equipment you require as efficiently as possible. Our range of tractor accessories and implements means you will find the supplies you need all in one place. From rock buckets to spreaders and sprayers, we will have the tractor attachment you need to get the job done.

What Farm Tractor Attachments Can I Purchase?

At Burando Hill, we stock a full variety of farm tractor attachments for Australian agricultural needs. From rock buckets to spreaders and offset discs, our attachments are versatile and suited to your purposes. When shopping with us, you can be sure we will have just the tractor implements you need. Here are just a few tractor attachments we supply and how they can help your farm.

Rock Buckets: Rock buckets are most commonly used for the removal of rocks and boulders in your soil. Attaching to the front end of your tractor, their open-ended design means it is easy to sift through rocks and other obstructions in your field, leaving only soil behind. With grapple options available in our shop, you will have choices for heavy-duty work, too.

Offset Discs: Offset discs are primarily for the tilling and preparation of your fields and crops. The concave design means the blades will both chop and lift weeds, crop remainders, and other disturbances, leaving just fertile soil. This is an important tool for field preparation as it effectively and easily clears your field the first time around.

Grader Blade: Grader blades are the primary tool in grading a field. The long blade combs through the places you plant crops, flattening the surface so they are conditioned for work later. They come different shapes for use in a range of grading needs and other purposes on your field.

Shop with Burando Hill for Your New Tractor Attachment

If you are in the market for new tractor implements, then you are in luck. At Burando Hill we stock a full range of attachments for your tractor and offer world-class customer service to boot. With years of experience in the agricultural industry and locations up and down the country, we will be glad to provide the supplies you need to get the job done, from tractor attachments to spare parts for your spreaders. Get in contact at your convenience to find out more about our products or to ask questions.

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