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How herbicide spray equipment can benefit your farm

When growing crops, it is important to have as much land open for seeding and planting as possible. But when your land is compromised by weeds, there are many negative effects. From the growth stage to harvest, if weeds are not eradicated promptly they will ruin your harvest. That is why herbicide spray equipment is an important part of a farmer's harvest preparation. 


What is the purpose of herbicide 


Herbicide is a chemical compound used to control weeds and stop them from growing. It is used as an alternative to roguing, which is more laborious and is more time consuming. The success of a herbicide is dependent on multiple factors; weather, soil moisture, growth and density of weeds, herbicide application rate, rain and how long the weed has been growing. The effect of the rain is that large droplets get absorbed by the soil and the weeds take nutrients from this to grow faster.


Why you should use herbicide spray 


Weeds are classified as pests and for good reason. Weeds compete with crops for nutrients and the water in the soil, impeding your crops growth.


Weeds also breed disease and pest infestations, with their presence increasing the chance of viral infections which could ruin a harvest. This is why we use herbicides, as controlling them not only has all the effects mentioned prior but it also means your crops will get the optimal water for moisture storage. By using herbicide you also reduce the weed bank (weed seeds in the soil that are about to sprout), this is very important as one single parent weed can produce hundreds to thousands of weeds that can remain dormant for multiple seasons. There are also positives for you too. When weeds are controlled, the crop harvests increase and have a higher chance to meet the quality standards of the Australian Agricultural departments. 


How to use herbicide spray equipment


Firstly, choosing the right time to apply your herbicide is crucial to assuring success. This will usually be when the ground is dry and there is no forecasted rain. This gives the soil adequate time to be covered and absorb the herbicide without it being washed away by the rain. In farming, it is also advised to control areas with herbicide before they begin to grow. This disrupts the weed's life cycle and stops germination. To get the best results in efficient weed killing, identification of the genus of the weed is crucial. This will result in you having a mixture of chemicals that will best target the growth cycle of the weed and stunt its growth. 


What herbicide equipment should you use 


Chemical batch mixer


One of the most important pieces of equipment you should consider when acquiring herbicide equipment is a chemical batch mixer. These batch mixers mix the chemicals for the perfect herbicide mix. The Handler range at Burando Hill provides a safe and efficient way to mix chemicals for herbicides. With a sharp four headed blade, perforating metal and plastic containers, mixing chemicals is made safe. Their Handler range starts from Handler 1 and goes to Handler 4. These vary in size and features, with the Handler 1 suited for small operations or as a mixer that will be attached to a ute. The Handler 4 on the other hand is best suited for a big operation, with a 3" BANJO pump with 6.5hp Honda engine for efficient mixing. 


Swathing Cart


Another piece of equipment that will be vital in spreading herbicide is a swathing cart. These carts come with spray tanks attached, making them great hosts for the mixed herbicide. These can be attached to swathers so if you are clearing foliage you can also spray the ground too. Swathe carts like the Burando Hill Swathing Cart are perfect for jobs like this. The Burando Hill Swathing Cart cart has a 200 litre flush tank with a height adjustable tank, making it adjustable enough to keep applying herbicide without worrying about affecting your crop. 




Finally, to get correct coverage your sprayer will require different nozzles. At Burando Hills we provide a collection of parts for your nozzle, these include; caps, seals, filter housing, filter screen, and nozzle bodies. These parts can turn your sprayer from a one spray fits all to one that is fully customisable depending on the paddock that your crops are in. 


If you are interested in learning more about our herbicide spray equipment, contact Burando Hill today. Our team are experts in the equipment we sell and would love to help you pick your next piece of herbicide spray equipment. Contact us today on 1300 287 263.

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