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Find the Right Sized Feed Augers, Earth Augers or Auger Conveyors by Shopping with Burando Hill

Finding the right auger for a particular application is not always easy for farmers or other agricultural enterprises. Everything from design to size can impact an auger’s implementation and affect its overall ability to serve the needs of the customer. At Burando Hill, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of auger tools, both in terms of design variation and sizing. Whether you are in the market for a new feed auger for grain or need a post hole digger, we can help you find the correct product for the job.

Exploring Our Product Range

At Burando Hill, we’ve been involved in the world of Australian agriculture for many years. Our business dates back to 1976, which means we have borne witness to several major evolutions in the art of farming, harvest, and grain storage. Of course, agricultural equipment has evolved over the years as well, and we have done our part of staying current with the changes. Today, we are proud to stock an array of the finest farming equipment on the market, ranging from grain handling equipment (such as augers) to landscaping machinery. We also stock equipment for applying fertiliser and other treatments to crops. Across the board, we have taken care to stock only products from the best brands the market has to offer. In terms of augers, for example, the machinery we sell comes from Farm King.

In each category, we provide an array of different products in a variety of different sizes. For instance, if you are shopping for an auger, you will find that each auger we sell comes with different tube width and tube length options. Our utility auger, for instance, is available with tube widths of four inch to six inch. Each model has a slightly different auger length. These variations are similar to what you will find from other auger models that we sell. The sizing differences make it easy for farmers to find a solution that makes sense given their harvest demands.

If you aren’t sure which size of grain auger is right for your farm, you can contact Burando Hill directly. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the equipment we sell. When it comes to buying an auger, our sales team can advise you about which augers are best for specific applications. 

Equip Your Farm with the Best Grain Augers or Tilling Tools


Whether you are launching a new agricultural operation or trading out old, worn out equipment with state of the art replacements, Burando Hill can help. We provide farming customers with the very best equipment available, and whether you are shopping for an earth auger or a machine for fertiliser application, you can expect nothing but premium levels of quality. Contact us today to learn more.

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