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Looking for farming machinery parts?

When maintaining farming machinery, it is important to have the tools on hand to make sure that there are no interruptions in the farming process. If you are found to be lacking the correct equipment to restore your machinery, your source of income will be impeded. That’s why it is important to have a trusted brand for quality spare parts. From nipples to washers, Burando Hills has your farming machinery part needs covered. 


What products do we offer?


From equipment for your auger, sprayers and spreaders, we have 988 individual products available from our online store. Here is a list of the categories of parts available from Burando Hill:




There are a variety of plumbing parts available from Burando Hill. Our products range in size, with some of our plumbing parts ranging from ¼ to 3 inches in diameter. These pieces of equipment relate to the following functions; Adapters, barbs, brush, camlock, cap, nipple, plug, socket, one way taps and three way taps. These parts come in male, female, flanged and threaded formats, meaning you will find a fit for your machine. We also have pipe parts with multiple shapes available, varying from straight, cross, elbow, T and Y shape pipes.


Furthermore, we have electrical parts for the automated parts of the plumbing machinery. Flow Metres, Regulating Valves, Shut-Off Valves, Solenoid New and Solenoid Parts are all available to order from our site. We also have a selection of miscellaneous parts specially suited for your machine, these include parts like Clamps, Gaskets, Dry Disconnect, Micromatic Coupler, Non-Return Valve, Swivel, Tank-through Fittings, Thread Tape & Sealant and Venturi. With notable brands like Arag, Banjo, Phimac, Teejet and Texas to choose from, Burando Hills’ will cover your plumbing needs. 




Our products include parts for sprayers, something we are experts in, with a range that varies from tips to parts. We have tip parts for different uses, with some being for air induction, a drift guard, and the outbound spray of water or pesticides. These come in a variety of finishes, perfect for matching the colour scheme of your vehicle. We also have multiple screen mesh size rolls to choose from for your sprayer.         




With a variety of brands and sizes, we have the quick fix to your farming disaster. We offer transfer pumps and pressure pumps, varying in width and height. They also differ on the propulsion of your system. These include engine propulsion, hydraulic propulsion, electric propulsion and bare shaft propulsion. We also have pump repair and restoration kits, so if you are ever caught in a spot of bother you have the tools to deal with it.




There are only two categories of items we sell related directly to seeding machinery, the blockage monitor and the implements. Firstly we have products suited for the 120/260 range of blockage monitors, suitable for brands including Agtron. We also have monitors suitable for the ISOBUS RANGE and separate products to suit the Legend WIFI range of blockage monitors. Our implements range includes the points & boots for seeding machinery. These include the actual points to suit your machine, the boot or two boots part to suit your machine and the nuts and bolts to install these boots and points. 


Auger Parts


Our selection of Auger parts are for 2020 models onwards. These parts include caps, clamps and fert tips for different sizes of Augers available. These sizes range from 8 inch, 10 inch and 13 inch sizes. Drives are similar, with the two drive ranges on offer being Engine drive and PTO drive. These variations are in manufacturers and the size of the engine and it is vital to have the right size for your Auger. 




In our spreader range, we have a variety of parts for different machines and their operating systems. These systems include the F2 - 3PT, F2W - 3PT, K65 HYDR, K65 PTO, K65 G/D, K85 HYDR, K85 PTO, K85 G/D, K105 HYDR, K105 PTO, K105 G/D, K125 HYDR, K135 HYDR and XE ATTACHMENT. Each section has the various spare parts you would need for that specific machine, ranging from cone tops for the spinners and gearbox sensors to a calibration kit. 




Our miscellaneous section includes the bits and bobs that you may not have considered important when keeping your machine running at an optimal capacity. We have aerosol cans, cable ties, locities, tape, bale hooks banners, fire nozzles, banjo valves and sealants. Whilst they may not seem as pressing concerns in regards to a broken blockage monitor, their importance should not be overlooked.


Ready to find the replacement part you need, check out Burando Hills’ parts page here. We are an Australian brand who distribute Australia wide. If you need any assistance regarding the products available or the shipping of these items call Burando Hills on 1300 287 263 and we’ll be happy to help. 

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