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Beyond the Tractor: Where to Get Specialised Agriculture Equipment and Farm Instruments for Sale

Today’s farmer has a lot more to do than merely look after a field with crops or a herd of animals. To keep up with current demands, farmers need high-quality and specialised agriculture and farm equipment that will both increase productivity and profit margins. That’s why it pays to find the right kind of farm equipment and agriculture instruments at the right price from a name you can trust, such as Australia’s own Burando Hill. Read on to learn more.

What to Look for in Agriculture Equipment for Specific Jobs

You’d be hard pressed to find a farm these days that doesn’t use some form of specialised agriculture equipment or machinery. That’s because years of innovation has resulted in ever more efficient and powerful ways to harness the forces of nature in the service of farmers, making such inventions a truly indispensable tool. For important tasks that are either too strenuous or which require especially delicate care, there’s likely a machine or tool designed to achieve the intended purpose.

When looking to invest in agriculture equipment, maximising efficiency is likely one of your top concerns. In this regard, more expensive does not always translate into higher quality or performance. Many farm equipment manufacturers offer more than just the standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to agriculture or a tractor with a hefty price tag that you may or may not need. Some examples of brands known for their specialised equipment at affordable prices include Farmking, Westeel and The Handler—all which are distributed in Australia by Burando Hill.

Reasons to Get the Agriculture Equipment You Need for Sale from Burando Hill

Burando Hill is an Australia-wide distributor and dealer of many trusted brands for high-quality farming equipment designed to complete a variety of important agricultural tasks, including Farmking, Westeel, Agtron, The Handler and Banjo. We also offer parts and service for all our machinery and agriculture equipment for sale. Should you require additional support, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you when it comes to making your selection or to provide you with any assistance you may need with your new purchase.


There’s no better place to buy your specialised equipment or parts than from Burando Hill, as we always ensure to identify, stock and order the kinds of products that keep Australian farms running as smoothly as possible. Whether it’s a new grain auger, spraying nozzle, plumbing kit, or one of the many other types of agriculture instruments we carry, you can rely on us as your one-stop-shop. If your machinery ever breaks down and requires a replacement part, feel free to reach out to our parts department for a spare.

Modern day agriculture needs more than a tractor and pitchfork, which is why you need a dealer that carries specialised agriculture farm equipment you can trust. If you’d like to learn more about Burando Hill or the many high-quality brand name products we stock, please contact one of our branches or dealers at any time. Our friendly team will be with you shortly to answer any enquiries and get you set up with whatever it is you need.

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