Expand the Capabilities of Your Farm with New Machinery Implements from Burando Hill; We Are Suppliers for the Very Best Companies and Manufacturers in the Agricultural Industry

Since 1976, Burando Hill has been helping farmers across Australia reach the next level by providing the latest and most reliable arrays of agricultural implements. Our tagline is ‘Innovative Farming,’ and we believe that mission is evident in the products we sell. Whether you are looking for a spreader to apply fertiliser across your farm or a system for processing, cleaning and storing recently harvested grain, you can count on Burando Hill to provide a premium quality product.

Our Partnerships with Top Agricultural Equipment Companies

A big part of the reason that Burando Hill has been able to meet the growing needs of so many farmers over the years is our connection with the agricultural industry as a whole. We have partnerships with some of the top brands in the marketplace. By serving as agricultural equipment suppliers for trusted brands like Farm King, Westeel, Bredal, Handler, Agtron and Shoule, we are consistently well positioned to provide the equipment that our customers require.

One of the things we have learned from our years in the agricultural industry is that the companies in this marketplace all have their talents and specialities. For instance, Farm King is the best brand in the business when it comes to grain augers. Westeel is a tough to beat provider for grain bins and silos. Bredal manufactures some of the very best fertiliser spreaders than money can buy. Shoule supplies remarkably heavy duty rock buckets.

Rather than relying on a single brand, we pull the best products from each of the agricultural equipment manufacturers mentioned above. Our goal is to sell only the finest equipment in the farming world. For different categories of machinery, that has meant relying on different manufacturers. In some cases, it even means standing behind the quality and reliability of our own equipment. Specifically, we know an awful lot about liquid application and believe our systems for chemical transportation and swathing. Our liquid fertiliser carts, liquid supply trailers and swathing carts are effective, reliable, and versatile. They will be right at home in your agricultural equipment fleet, alongside with machinery from the other brands we sell at Burando Hill.

Start Building Your Fleet Today

Whether you are just embarking upon a new agricultural business venture or need to expand or replace your equipment fleet, Burando Hill can help. By pulling together the very best products from the very best agricultural equipment companies on the market, we can help your farm reach the next level of productivity, performance and quality. Working with us, you can put together a truly comprehensive fleet for your farm. With products ranging from chemical mixing to grain handling to cropping and pasture, we can help you plan for every aspect of your farm.

If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Our team at Burando Hill is incredibly knowledgeable about the brands and equipment implements we sell. You can contact us directly for advice and guidance on what to purchase and why.

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