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Count on Burando Hill for High Quality Grain Augers in Australia

Perhaps your farm needs a new post hole auger for installing fencing, or maybe you need a larger grain auger to meet the growing demands of your harvest season. No matter what type of auger you are seeking, you can rely on Burando Hill to provide it. We carefully select only the best augers to pass on to our customers. When you purchase an auger from us, you can expect a reliable piece of machinery from a proven brand.


Serving the Entire Australian Agriculture Community

At Burando Hill, we pride ourselves on being able to serve every farmer in Australia. Since we first opened our doors in 1976, we have established countless fruitful relationships with farmers and other members of the agricultural community. We frequently work with businesses from every corner of Australia to supply equipment that can take agricultural operations to the next level.

Burando Hill currently has four branches: three in Western Australia (in Katanning, Geraldton and Esperance) and one in Victoria (in Wangaratta). However, we also have over 50 dealers scattered throughout the country. Our combined presence allow us to provide products Australia wide. Whether you are seeking a grain auger in Western Australia or in New South Wales, we can provide it.


Going Beyond Corn Augers and Bin Augers

We don’t just sell bin augers or other agricultural machinery, either. On the contrary, Burando Hill also provides parts and service for farming equipment throughout our entire Australian market.

For instance, if you purchase a post hole auger from us, you can expect a rugged product with a long lifespan that will stand the test of time. These augers, from the respected Farm King brand, come with five years of warranty coverage on gearbox components and are constructed from heavy-duty materials. They are specifically designed to provide a smooth, stable performance even in harsh conditions. Simply put, you shouldn’t experience any equipment breakdown with your post hole digger. If you do encounter technical difficulty, though, you can give us a call at Burando Hill. We can service your post hole auger, diagnose the problem, and provide a repair—replacing components where necessary.

If there is anything that four-plus decades in this industry have taught us, it’s a thorough understanding of the equipment we sell. This knowledge enables our team to go beyond just sales and offer servicing and parts for every piece of machinery we sell. From augers to silos to landscaping equipment, you can always count on us to stand by the equipment we sell.

If you are shopping for a new grain auger in Australia, stop by one of Burando Hill’s branches or dealers. If you have a piece of agriculture equipment that needs servicing and repairs, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our team would be happy to help you get your equipment back up and running ASAP.

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