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How to get the best germination with the optimal spraying system

Across Australia, the planting season for wheat, barley and oats is about to start. With multiple industries also preparing for their next planting season in conjunction with this, it is time to consider the quality of the system you will be using. One of the big considerations should be how you are going to get the best out of your fertiliser, to make sure you have a bountiful harvest. With a fertiliser spraying system, this can be achieved. 


The right pump for your spraying system


The output of your fertiliser depends on the volume you want to apply, with metering and pressures having to be considered. After you have decided on all of this, you need to find a pump to suit. Pumps are the main part of a fertiliser system, pushing the liquid out in a uniform way. They vary in shape and size, allowing them to fit within your planting system easily. They can be attached to the front of tractors or attached to a cart with the tank containing the fertiliser. This can be then plumbed into a distribution system. 


At Burando Hill we offer a variety of pumps, making us your one-stop shop for the perfectly sized pump. Included in our collection of pumps is the Banjo pump, an affordable and easy-to-maintain pump. This maintenance is made easier thanks to our parts marketplace, which includes all of the accessories you will need for this. Another pump to consider is the CDS pump. The cast iron casing is extremely sturdy and durable. It harnesses a large amount of power to make sure you are getting strong output over your whole planting process. If you do have any problems with this pump, we provide both maintenance and re-build services at our workshop


Choosing between a planter or Air seeder


Another big decision you need to make in preparing for your germination system is the way you are going to plant the seeds. The choice falls between a planter or seeder, both of which we offer. Seeders drills plant seeds in uniform rows at specified rates and are suited for crops that have small seeds. However, they do not offer the opportunity to plant on hilly ground or in check rows. This is not a problem for an air seeder, as they are automated to release seeds in set intervals. The planter also decreases the time needed to plant each crop. They also require less labour to complete the planting process compared to their seeder counterpart. Air seeders are suited to all seed sizes but particularly medium to large seeds. 


Our collection of air seeders includes the BOSS Agriculture Air Cart range, which has size ranges from 45,000 ltr, 9000 ltr, 12,000 ltr and 20,000 ltr models. These models can come in different sizes, with two bin and three bin options based on the size of your load. In regard to the planting and germination period, these seeders are compatible with liquid fertiliser sprayers. If a planter is better suited to your farm, we have BOSS’ range of broad acre planters. They are built tough, with a 5 ton capacity. 


Single or multi-tank


Another question is whether you want a single or multi tank system for your fertiliser distribution. As a farmer, you may have a set of chemicals that you use regularly to get the best out of your crops. As such, you should consider the different types of fertiliser you use and whether you want to use these in conjunction. If you only use one type on your crops then you will only need one tank. However, if you need multiple fertilisers then a multi tank system will be more efficient. 


At Burando Hill we have a multitude of liquid carts, both with single tank and multitank systems. We also offer saddle tanks that can be attached to tractors, which can be plumbed into distribution pumps. 


If you are looking for more information on how your spray equipment can optimise your germination performance, contact our team on 1300 287 263. 

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