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BOSS broad acre planters are designed and manufactured in Australia. With limited build slots available each year, it is important to order early. 

A variety of planters can be ordered, including: 

Para-Lift Trailing

Supa-Flex Trailing


Single Bar Trailing

End-Tow Trailing

Bridge Trailing


Final assembly takes place on-farm and will be completed by experienced staff from BOSS Agriculture and Burando Hill. 

For more information please view the PLANTER BROCHURE - 29 MB.

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BOSS Agriculture Air Cart range is currently available in 45,000 ltr, 9000 ltr, 12,000 ltr and 20,000 ltr, as well as 2 & 3 bin models with optional small seeds boxes. 

Other features include: 

  • Available in 2 Wheeled, Steerable Quad or Castoring Quad

  • 2 and 3 bin models available

  • Small seeds box available

  • Standard with hydraulic drive metering system

  • Hydraulically operated 9” auger

  • Hydraulic opening bin lids can be operated at ground level for safety & efficiency

  • Large sight glass in both bins standard

  • LED lights standard

  • Fully powder-coated inside & outside boxes standard

  • Stainless steel fittings & fixtures used in the metering unit

  • Optional fully stainless steel metering units available

  • Up to 8 x 2½” primary lines

  • Exceptional floatation

  • Heavy duty chassis & front end assembly

  • Easy clean out

  • Ability to split rates

  • Quick release removable metering rollers

  • Grit impregnated powder-coating on stairs & catwalk for safety

  • Auger cradle for ease when loading

  • ISOBUS ready - will operate through most late model consoles

  • Short wheel base for tighter turning radius

  • 2, 3 or 4 metre centres available

  • Internal access ladder

  • Adjustable bin dividers

  • Heavy duty blower motor

  • Weigh scales & weigh bin supplied

  • Optional oversize sign, flashing lights or tail light kits available

  • Optional bin cameras available

  • Optional oil cooler kit available

  • Optional rear pull available for towing a liquid or gas trailer

  • Optional John Deere or Trimble rate controller can be fitted for complete integration with preferred control system

For more information please view the AIR SEEDER BROCHURE 7 MB.


The BOSS Agriculture Australian designed and manufactured planters range includes Parallelogram Tyne, Row Crop, Single Disc Seeder, Broad Acre Tillage, and Strip Till. Narrow fold options available. The BOSS Agriculture air cart range is currently available in 4500ltr, 9000ltr, 12,000ltr & 20,000ltr 2 & 3 bin models with optional small seeds boxes.