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The Importance of Buying Grain Silos: The Essential List

Buying grain silos is not a decision that you should take lightly. In most cases, this can be a 20 year investment and not a purchase you can return or trade-in. In order to make the best decision, it's important to know what you're looking for and why it will work well with your particular farm. Here is an essential list of qualities farmers should know when purchasing a grain silo.


Height and Size 


If you have large crops that are tall and need more vertical space to store them, this will determine what silo size is best for your farm. Think about your storage requirement for the next 20 years.  


A taller grain bin may also make it easier to fill because you'll be able to simply pour your crop into the top without having to worry about spilling on yourself or damaging other equipment nearby.



Moisture control is a major factor for long term grain storage. Grain storage facilities won't always have consistent temperatures so insulation ensures that there's less risk that your product will spoil before being sold off at market value prices.

Ensure your silo has aeration cooling. This not only lessens moisture and prevents moisture migration, but it also keeps grain temperatures low. Your Silo should have properly managed aeration, meaning a combination of ducting and venting. 




Always make it a priority to check silo seals. Seals make sure your stored crops are protected against insects and pests. You can also take pressure tests to measure how well your silo will contain fumigation gas. 


Cost and Upkeep


When you’re planning out your farm's operational budget, consider how investing in a silo will affect your budget and expenses. Silos are often more complicated to install than most farming equipment, so make sure you’re hiring someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. Any mistakes will be expensive in terms of money and crop loss if something goes wrong with the structural integrity. 
Farmers should also consider whether their silo will need repairs at some point in its lifetime by calculating costs into long-term budgets so there aren't unexpected surprises.


Get serious about silo storage


Burando Hill continues to shine on agricultural industries all across Australia. As the experts at grain handling, we offer products raining from grain baggers to silo's with full aeration options, circular stairs, sweep auger and temperature monitoring. 
If you’re interested in any of our products or want to learn more about our Westeel Silos, please contact us on 1300 287 263

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