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The Easy Way to Find New Agricultural Machines for Sale from Machinery Dealers and the Manufacturer

It’s impossible to imagine modern agriculture without the machines that make it possible. There’s a nearly endless variety of machines which are used for different aspects of the industry. Chemical handling, grain and seed treating, grain handling and storage, augers and other harvest machinery... the list goes on!

Know the Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Names that Matter

As a farmer, you know the benefits of new agricultural machines. Your needs vary, but a new machine will ultimately last you decades and over its lifetime, it will pay for itself many times over. There are some trusted names and brands for sale from dealers that instantly let you know you’re on the right track:

  • Agtron – Agtron has been in business for over 35 years. From humble Canadian beginnings, they are now a leading name in agricultural electronics. They consistently seek out the latest technologies in agricultural techniques and set the bar for every agricultural machinery manufacturer worth their salt.

  • Farm King – This is a name you’ll see at agricultural machinery dealers you can trust. Farm King is famous for being a manufacturer of robust machinery that lasts decades. Cleaners, augers, applicators and a whole lot more are produced to the highest standards and expectations by their factories.

  • MBW / ProTrakker – These guys are specialists in the hydraulic hitch and take their work seriously. What began as customising and modifying existing equipment became a means to develop new products to meet the needs of the agricultural industry. In 2011, the old style of hitch was reborn to include GPS tracking and ever greater precision.

  • Polywest – Another Canadian company which is a manufacturer of cutting-edge agricultural machinery. Their focus on chemical handling has made them a trusted name among dealers. The Handler, a proprietary brand for sale with a proven track record, has set the bar high.

  • Solar Mill – Doing Australia proud, Solar Mill is a designer and manufacturer of stationary solar water pumps for farmers across the country. Inexpensive replacement parts, local service and an automated water delivery system are all good reasons to know Solar Mill.

When You Know All the Right People, You’re the Right Person to Know

Building relationships with suppliers like these is what sets Burando Hill apart from the crowd of agricultural machinery dealers. We understand the struggles and needs of farmers, so we accept nothing less than machinery you can count on. Other trusted names you’ll see next to ours are Shoule, Westeel, Bredal, Akron, Dura Products, Banjo, TeeJet and many more.

Our workshop in Katanning, Western Australia, has the right tools and skilled staff to properly assemble and service any of the agricultural machinery we have for sale. Our team’s expert eyes inspect and oversee the assembly of each machine which comes through to ensure that they all meet quality and safety standards.

We can assist with of all your equipment, from plastic welding old tanks, metal lathing to correct and shaft defects and wear, servicing augers, to customising old chaser bins. Contact us to find out if we have the machine you’re looking for, to get the service that you need, or to get help finding your new agricultural machine.

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