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Banjo Plumbing Parts 

Simplifying Your Search for the Right Banjo Plumbing Parts and More

Some brands are almost synonymous with the products they make available to their customers, and it's no surprise that Banjo means plumbing parts. In applications where corrosion is often a concern and highly specialised parts are in use in almost every system that involves liquid handling, finding the right components is not always easy. At Burando Hill, however, our status as an official dealer for Banjo parts allows us to offer a wide-ranging catalogue of readily available parts to all those in agriculture. 

Related Services We Provide Besides Banjo Plumbing Fittings 

We are more than a Banjo dealer however; we are also the authorised Australian distributors for several major brands, such as Farm King. In this capacity, we provide many other kinds of useful products, such as:

  • A complete range of chemical handling equipment, including granny pots and swathing carts, often already equipped with the ideal Banjo fittings for rigorous daily operations. As a result, it is easy to perform maintenance without the need to bring in an outside professional. 

  • Extensive options for grain handling equipment and storage apparatuses. Find the ideal Farm King augers to move grain from one place to another, or process grain for storage rapidly on-site with cleaning equipment. 

  • A vast catalogue of spare parts and components for much of the equipment we sell and more, enabling farmers and ag industry mechanics everywhere to more easily acquire what the job demands. More than Banjo parts, we also supply the essential materials for spraying, seeding, and spreading. 

What You Can Expect from Burando Hill Regarding Banjo Plastic Pipe Fittings 

So, you need to make a repair or modification to a system, and you need the right fittings: now what? (Explore the parts we have available) while considering that Burando Hill offers:

  • A robust inventory that addresses many, if not most, of the common plumbing and fitting requirements faced in agricultural solutions. From chemical mixing equipment to irrigation and more, rigging up sturdy systems — or repairing existing equipment — is much easier when you need not spend hours searching for components. 

  • Access to our highly knowledgeable staff, who can provide support to you throughout the buying process. Not sure what plastic pipe fittings will do the job? Reach out and ask for our help; our experience can help illuminate what works best in certain scenarios. 

  • Prompt shipment Australia-wide. No matter where you encounter a problem that Banjo fittings could help to solve, we ensure you can access the parts you need promptly. We provide efficient dispatch services that allow your order to go into the post as soon as possible. 

About Burando Hill 

Founded more than four decades ago, Burando Hill today continues to build upon a legacy of customer-centric service and a solutions-based approach to sales. Our goal is simple: help you find the facts you need to make informed decisions about your farm's next purchases. Engage with our team today, or create your order of plastic plumbing parts for shipment as soon as possible.

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