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What Tools are Important for Farmers Today?

Whether working on a small farm or harvesting on a large scale, having the correct tools and equipment is essential for ensuring your processes run smoothly and efficiently. Long gone are the days when farmers manually tilled the ground by hand and harvested crops with horses. The development of mechanical farm equipment and tools has provided various farmers with numerous benefits, including increased productivity, saving time, improved safety, and more.

Ease Your Work Processes With Quality Farm Tools and Equipment

With the manufacturing of more capable machinery and farm tools, you can ease the burden of excessive labour and make your processes faster and easier with quality and reliable equipment. Consider these tools for your farm.

  • Tractor slashers: You can hitch a slasher behind your tractor and use the heavy-duty unit to clear rough areas. It’s a perfect piece of equipment to cut away grass and weeds in areas where there may also be stones, debris, or tree stumps.

  • Grader blades: When you need to scrape the ground with precision, level out a field, or create a new farm track, grader blades can help you get the task done efficiently. These blades are built with steel for longevity, durability, and strength, making them a worthwhile investment for farms.

  • Roller mills: A roller mill allows you to roll grain and create “homemade” feed as you require. You can enjoy the benefits of manipulating your animals’ diet and knowing the nutritional value of the feed. You can readily adjust the tension springs to change the grain thickness to make the grain easier to digest, and depending on the roller mill you purchase, you can process up to eight tonnes of wheat per hour.

  • Grain cleaner: You can remove unwanted debris such as rocks from your harvest and improve your product quality with a grain cleaner. Clean grain will dry faster in storing, which can save money on delivery costs as a wet product is heavier and more expensive to transport to buyers.

  • Chemical mixers: You can mix chemicals quickly and safely in large batches with an innovative quality mixer. Our Handler range allows you to mix liquids and dry products without double handling the chemicals. The internal knife system means products go directly into the drum without spilling, reducing wastage, and the agitator promptly mixes the products. You can then fill your sprayer with the chemical mix fast and efficiently before cleaning out the mixer with the high-capacity rinse nozzle. The rinse feature prevents cross-contamination allowing you to mix different products such as fertiliser and herbicides in one drum.

  • Seeders and planters: These are ideal for larger farms as you can easily pull them with a tractor and prevent your employees from sowing by hand. A planter or seeder can save you time, effort, and money, and as there is a wide range of planters available, you can find one to suit your requirements.

With more than fifty years of working in the industry and providing innovative farming equipment and tools, we can assist you in finding the ideal machinery to improve your productivity and enhance your work processes.


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