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Agricultural Equipment – Top 4 Agricultural Machines

With so many options for agricultural equipment, many might wonder which machinery is considered more important. Today we’re putting together our list of the top four agricultural machines so you can have everything you need for your farm.

  1. Grain Silos Whether you have a smaller or large commercial farm, grain silos are a must-have for anyone storing grain or other necessities such as coal, cement, carbon black, woodchip, food products, or even sawdust. Storage will never become obsolete on farms, so investing in a reliable grain silo is never a bad idea. You’ll ideally want silos that make storing and dispensing easier since they can help you move your operations along faster, saving time and money.

  2. Seed Treaters Any farmer working with seeds understands the importance of keeping pests at bay. There are many effective ways to do it during the crop’s lifetime, but what about before it’s growing? Seed treatment equipment can assist you in applying chemicals to seeds before planting, which can assist with keeping pests away and even helping improve the overall health of the seeds and eventual crop. There are several tools for this task, including some of the options we stock, such as the Handler 1 or Handler 3.

  3. Pumps With extensive land to work, pumps are also crucial to getting water, liquid fertiliser or other chemicals to their destinations. Some pumps can even assist with firefighting, making these machines a tool every farm undoubtedly uses. At Burando Hill, we understand the importance of these machines, which is also why we stock an extensive range, including pumps from PENTAIR® that can help you spray anything from insecticides to herbicides to wettable powders. We also stock from other famous brands, including DAVEY, CDS – John Blue Company, Banjo, and ACE Pumps.

  4. Planters and Air Seeders Treating the seeds before planting is all good and well, but don’t for a second think we forgot about the machines assisting you with the actual planting itself. Arguably one of the most important inventions to speed up farming, planters and air seeders allow you to spread out seeds fast and efficiently.

And that concludes our list of the top 4 agricultural machines. Your top 4 agricultural equipment could undoubtedly differ from ours with so many options. Regardless, there is one thing we can all agree on: the right equipment makes a tremendous difference on the farm.

Why not browse our online store if you’re looking for farming equipment? We might have what you need to optimise your day-to-day farming experience.


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