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From 8 inch to 13 inch, with lengths from 31ft to 61ft, these augers are our bread and butter. High spec with durability in mind, some of our augers are 30 years old and still going. 

Standard features include a reversing gearbox, emergency kill switch, highway rated tyres, enclosed top end gear case, straight seem barrel for maximum strength. 

Capacity   8" - 1.2 T/min

Capacity 10" - 2.0 T/min

Capacity 13" - 4.0 T/min


Almost all of our conventional augers are fitted with a hydraulic moverkit. This makes it very easy to precisely manoeuvre the auger into position in a hopper, over a silo, or to hitch it onto a vehicle. Once the auger is attached to a vehicle, the rear wheels are to be placed in the up position so as not to engage the hydromotors while you are towing the grain auger. 

The moverkits are optional, however we do recommend it for most augers as they tend to be too heavy to safely wheel around and position by hand. 

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A number of options are available, including: 

- Hopper (standard / heavy duty)

- Chute (to suit 8", 10", 13" auger)

- Electric clutch

- Light kit

- Engine cover

- Different engine brands depending on stock (Vanguard, Honda, Kohler)

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All augers have wearable parts, and with Farmking grain augers these parts are affordable and readily available in Australia. After decades of supporting Farmking augers throughout Australia we understand which parts need to be on hand at all times. If you experience a breakdown, our experience ensures it is kept to a minimum. 

We generally stock all the wearable items across several branches for every auger size that we sell. These items include drive belts, drive cogs, chain, sprockets, rollers and more. 

We can also service your auger pre-season, to ensure your auger is ready for the next rush when you need it most. 

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With decades of experience and some of the largest farms in the world, it’s little wonder that Canadian grain auger manufacturers like Farm King still reign supreme. The quality and construction techniques used by the manufacturers are unparalleled, and the designs remain consistently on the cutting edge. The reliable construction also means that these machines last decades – there are still grain augers manufactured in the 1980s still in active duty today.

The simple design at the core has nevertheless opened multiple variations on the theme. While in essence, all grain augers in Australia perform the same function, the specific differences mean that each given design is better for a particular task.


  • Pencil Augers – These augers are part of the family of utility augers and feature a tube that is 4” to 8” in diameter. They feature adaptable components to suit a variety of purposes and make good general augers for moving from a vehicle or bin. A spider cage is included as standard to protect intake flighting and belting.

  • Conventional Augers – You’ll find these machines to be sturdier and generally longer than utility augers. They move large quantities as a grain bin auger and feature robust materials and construction. Despite the increased size and heft, these augers are still quite easy to manoeuvre when using the included hydraulic mover-kits.

  • PTO Augers – Also called “backsaver augers”, the PTO auger is a powerful and impressive machine. The sizes range from 10” to 16” with a length of 60’ to 104’. They come with a hydraulic scissor lift to adjust the height rapidly and precisely, so you can move grain from ground level up to 15’ vertically. It is remarkably secure with a safety hydraulic ball valve to keep the auger right where you need it.


Burando Hill has been importing, assembling and servicing Farm King grain augers for over 40 years. We have a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability, and we believe the FarmKing grain augers are the best available in Australia today. Features include straight seem barrel for maximum strength, reversible gearbox, double start flighting, highway rated tyres and more. Our conventional grain augers come with easy to use hydraulic moverkits and have several options, including a clutch and light-kit.