Burando Hill Pty Ltd – Imports Division

Burando Hill has been importing agriculture equipment and technology since the company was established in 1976. Over the years, Burando Hill has acquired Australia-wide distribution rights for agricultural products that are specialized in the areas of grain handling, storage and monitoring, spraying equipment, and seeding technologies.

In addition to building distribution networks for agriculture equipment, Burando Hill can now offer warehousing facilities for off shore manufacturers in both East and West Australia.

Burando Hill is proud to provide the following products to Australian farmers through our Australia-wide dealer networks.


Manufacturers Website

Australia Dealer Listing

  www.farm-king.com Farm King Dealers - click here
  www.agtron.com Agtron Dealers - click here
  www.polywest.ca Handler Dealers - click here
www.westeel.com Westeel Dealers - click here