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Your Available Options When You Choose a Farm King Grain Auger

When the time for a grain harvest arrives, quick work and smooth operations are essential to success—and, ultimately, a profitable return on your investment in the crops. As hoppers full of grain come off the field and head towards storage tanks to control moisture content, it's essential to quickly move large volumes of the product from the hopper to the tank. A robust, reliable Farm King grain auger is the solution.

Available in conventional and swing-away configurations, these augers can achieve the reliable, high-volume throughput your farm requires. At the same time, a wide range of height options means you can reach even some of your largest storage tanks and silos. With Burando Hill, finding the right equipment and securing the capabilities you need for an effective harvest is simple.

We do more than help evaluate the equipment's reliability and support you through the procurement process. To ensure our buyers can achieve the level of functionality they need right away, we provide many models, extras, and options. Take a moment to review what we have on offer.

Customising a Conventional Grain Auger

Conventional augers remain an excellent solution for light to medium-duty applications without sacrificing capacity. These Farm King solutions feature top-shelf engineering and high-quality parts for extended run times. With these, you'll be able to consider multiple options, including:

  • A standard hopper or a ruggedised heavy-duty hopper

  • Chute sizes to suit 8, 10, and 13-inch-sized augers

  • Lighting kits for simpler twilight and evening operations

  • Engine covers for added component protection

  • Multiple engine block options, based on current stock availability

As auger size increases, so too does grain throughput. At the 13-inch size, you can capably move approximately 240 tonnes per hour. With optional extras, you'll have a highly reliable, high-volume tool ready for work.

Selecting the Right Swing Away Auger Options

For even higher volume work, swing-away augers provide additional volume capability alongside a stronger design that relies more heavily on hydraulics. This design also means there are some additional options for customisation. With these units, you can explore the following:

  • Chute sizes to suit 10, 13, and 16-inch augers.

  • Hopper movers and winches powered by onboard hydraulics to simplify and speed up positioning for grain transfers.

  • A kit to add a hydraulic steering wheel for additional control and precision.

Alongside these options, we maintain an extensive inventory of consumable and wearable parts. Ask about how we can help you maintain your auger for season-long reliability.

Find the Grain Auger That Fits Your Farm

Every farm faces different conditions, and every farmer needs reliable hardware that can stand up to heavy-duty usage during the most critical parts of the year. With Burando Hill, you can discover the Farm King auger that aligns with your volume and space requirements—and has all the accessories and options you need, too. Explore more in-depth information about available grain auger solutions, or speak with us today to arrange a convenient quote.


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