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Why You Need A Grain Cleaner And Our Range

Preparing recently harvested wheat or other grain crops is best done with a grain cleaner like our Farm King Model 480. Cleaning grain properly before it is stored or shipped to customers and suppliers maintains your reputation for quality and keeps your farm profitable.

The downside is that removing dockage from grain crops can be a time-consuming process. Dockage is defined as any foreign material contaminating a specific lot of corn, and ranges from other grains to stones, sticks, and other debris. However, there are numerous benefits to investing in a professional grain cleaner from Burando Hill.

Keep Your Grain Silos Clean

Firstly, you will see an immediate spike in your profits. You do not want to waste any of the valuable storage space in your grain silos on unneeded straw, weed seeds, or chaff, which contaminate any grain stored in that silo. Cleaning it beforehand ensures that your silos are chock-a-block with the best grain only.

Shipping clean grain to buyers saves on your shipping bills as you know that only pure grain is being transported. Grain that has been cleaned properly dries quicker, meaning it can be stored or shipped in no time at all.

In addition, your customers are sure to do business with you again if you can guarantee clean grain every time. The last thing you want is for a customer to complain about any dockage in a shipment. In this way, you establish a well-earned reputation for properly screened grain, resulting in your farm being as successful as you have always dreamed it could be.

Farm King Model 480

So, what grain cleaner is best for your farm? Our Farm King Model 480 is ideal because it is based on a two-step cleaning process that effectively removes contaminants like stones and dockage. It features a 48" diameter drum with a 98" length, 15" wheels, and an 8" x 11' mounted delivery auger, together with a trash pan system.

The auger, in turn, is driven by a Monarch 1.5 kW single phase electric motor, while a v-belt turns the drum using a Monarch 2.2 kW single phase electric motor. Depending on the quantity of dockage and the moisture content of the grain, the maximum capacity of this grain cleaner (in terms of wheat specifically) is a sizeable 30 tonnes an hour.

​Flexible For A Range of Grains

The outer screens of our Farm King grain cleaner range are galvanised and laser-cut. These over-locking interchangeable screens comply with CBH. Every grain cleaner has a set of three screens, making it ideal for a range of grains from lupins to canola, barley, and wheat. Depending on which screens you opt for, a single grain cleaner can be highly effective and flexible for any farming operation.


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