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What is an Air Seeder?

Effective planting is essential for creating initial conditions that improve crop output at harvest time. When the time of year means the conditions are right, getting seed into the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible is imperative. On very large farms with vast amounts of acreage to cover, that can be a particular challenge with most implements. The air seeder aims to help mitigate these concerns.

Air seeders aren't like typical planters, which measure and singulate seeds directly at the row site. As their name implies, these machines also don't use mechanical devices to move or measure seeds. Instead, high-powered air from attached blower fans moves seeds throughout the equipment. These tools can be a wise investment in the right conditions and are ideal for high-volume applications on large farms. We should consider how and why that is in some detail.

How an Air Seeder Works

Air seeders consist of very large centralised seed hoppers and a powerful system of hydraulics and air blowers. Seeds are blown through tubes from the main hopper into the planting apparatus, where they undergo volumetric measurement at the top of each planting tower. Seeds then move down towards the rows undergoing planting.

One disc opens a furrow at the row site while the air-measured seeds drop into the soil. Although they are not singulated like in a traditional planter, coverage is excellent, and crop outputs do not suffer notably from the process. A wheel then presses the seed into the soil for maximum contact, and a final disc closes the furrow.

It is easy to combine air seeders with other hardware, such as fertiliser tanks. Spraying fertiliser immediately upon planting is, therefore, a simple task. Other accessories, such as bin cameras and rate controllers, extended their ease of use even further.

What are the Benefits of Using an Air Seeder?

The unique methods used in air seeders can make them confusing at first. However, this type of equipment is especially suited to specific farming applications, especially large-scale grain or cover crop farming. There are a few key benefits that farmers will find here.

Perhaps most importantly, air seeders are best suited to very large seed volumes. With capacities in the thousands to tens of thousands of litres, it is possible to accomplish more planting over a wider area without frequent stops to refill seed hoppers or fertiliser tanks. This capacity, in turn, enables more efficient planting over extensive fields.

With the opportunity to reduce manual labour related to refilling seeds and other tasks and the chance to boost your farm's output, air seeders may be the ideal solution.

Finding the Right Equipment Made Simple

At Burando Hill, our mission centres around finding, testing, and providing access to the best equipment available for farming jobs today. We're proud to help our customers connect with opportunities to purchase a powerful air seeder by BOSS Agriculture in configurations suitable for many applications and crops. To learn more about our available broadacre solutions, contact our team today.


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