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What are field bins and how do they help modern farmers in Australia?

In a nutshell, field bins are large containers used for storing harvested crops such as wheat, barley, and oats, providing farmers with efficient and effective storage solutions. Without the convenience of these bins, farmers would face many challenges in managing their crops and getting them to market, such as but not limited to, insufficient storage space, increased risk of spoilage and contamination, and higher transportation costs.

But how exactly do field bins help Australian farmers? Let's explore some key ways:

  • Efficient Harvesting: The key function of field bins is to store and transport crops from the field to the processing facility or market. Thanks to their large capacity, farmers can harvest and store larger quantities of crops in one go, reducing the need for multiple trips back and forth to the field. This means fuel and labour savings, ultimately reducing overall harvesting time and costs.

  • Protection from Weather Elements: Australia is known for its extreme weather conditions, from intense heat waves to severe storms. High-quality equipment like field bins can protect harvested crops from these elements, with robust sealing mechanisms to keep out moisture, pests, and dust. This makes it possible for farmers to store their crops for more extended periods without worrying about spoilage.

  • Efficient Loading and Unloading of Crops: Field bins are designed for easy loading and unloading, often with features such as hydraulic augers or elevators that can quickly and safely transfer crops from the bin to trucks for transportation. This reduces manual labour and minimises the risk of injury to farmers during the harvesting process.

  • Flexibility in Crop Management: When farmers have more control over their crops, they can make better decisions about when to harvest and what to do with the crops. Much like a pantry in a home, field bins provide farmers with the flexibility to store crops until they can be sold at a higher price, or used for animal feed when needed.

Explore our range of Maximus and Titan Bins 

Our range of Maximus field bins by Nyrex is designed to meet the specific needs of Australian farmers. With a capacity of up to 300 tonnes, they are equipped with features such as hydraulic brakes for safe transportation, camera and light kits for enhanced visibility, internal ladders for easy access, and height adjustable drawbars for easy hitching. For smaller loads below 150 tonnes, our range of Titan field bins offers a cost-effective solution, with upgrades available.


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