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The Benefits of the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch

Agriculture constantly changes as technology advances and farmers adopt smart farming best practices. One such innovation is the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch. It is a revolutionary system offering a myriad of benefits to streamline your farming operation.

Hydraulic hitch technology has gained traction in the farming community due to its capacity to optimise field operations and maximise productivity. The ProTrakker hydraulic hitch has a host of features:

Enhanced Precision

Precision is key to successful commercial farming. The ProTrakker hydraulic hitch has hydraulic cylinders and an integrated GPS guidance system to steer precisely and control implements behind the tractor.

Such a high level of accuracy means consistent implement placement so that each pass is perfectly aligned. Precise implement tracking reduces overlaps and skips. It optimises inputs and cuts down on waste for maximum cost savings.

Increased Efficiency

Farming is seasonal and hence very time-dependent, which means efficiency is critical. The ProTrakker hydraulic hitch significantly reduces operator fatigue to improve workflow.

The fact that the system is hydraulic translates into zero manual adjustments needed. It automatically maintains the desired implement position. This saves valuable time and effort, so farmers can cover more ground and improve their turnaround time.

Versatile Applications

The ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch is extremely versatile and adaptable to a range of agricultural operations. The system can seamlessly fit various implements from planting to tillage, spraying, or harvesting.

Hence it is suitable for different farming practices. Farmers can switch between implements quickly and easily to reduce downtime and maximise equipment utilisation throughout the year.

Improved Soil Health

Sustainable agriculture depends on good soil health. Farmers can reduce soil compaction from heavy machinery by placing implements and reducing overlaps.

It prevents damage to the soil structure, promotes healthy root growth, and improves water infiltration. Thanks to the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch, the result is increased crop yields and long-term soil fertility.


Switching to the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch is an important step in realising significant cost savings. Eliminating overlaps allows farmers to save on input costs from chemicals to fertiliser and seed.

Farmers cover more ground due to the enhanced efficiency provided by the precision tracking while deploying the same number of workers and amount of fuel used.

It gives farmers a trio of major benefits: Optimised resources, less operational costs, and a big impact on their bottom line.

Easy Installation and Integration

There is no fuss or bother to use the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch. It is designed to be user-friendly and easily integrated into existing equipment. What’s more, the system is highly adaptable and can be retrofitted to most tractors.

Once installed, it integrates seamlessly with your GPS guidance systems for precise implement control and simple operation.

The ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch provides a multitude of benefits to farmers. It proves that technology does not have to be overly complicated or too expensive to implement. Take your farming to the next level of precision and efficiency thanks to the system’s pinpoint accuracy and adaptability.


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