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Find the Right Farm Pumps for Any Kind of Job Around Your Property

A seemingly simple task, such as moving materials from one place to another, involves endless hours of farm work. Augers, bins, and other tools help get the job done for dry materials, while farm pumps are responsible for the heavy-duty work of moving liquids. Making a smart choice can mean reliably completing key tasks on time or facing troublesome downtime, bottlenecks, and missed deadlines.

At Burando Hill, we know pumps and can help connect you with the appropriate solutions for almost any situation. We know which pump you should pick for water, agricultural chemicals, fertilisers, or other liquids. Let’s discover why an informed selection matters, and explore what you need to know.

Finding the Right Pump Makes a Difference

Why spend the time to make a carefully chosen investment in farm pumps? The real-world difference can prove substantial and help save you time and money. The advantages of high-quality hardware matched to the right job include:

  • Improved capacity and higher throughput

  • Reaching the correct liquid pressurisation for effective spraying or application

  • Higher-quality parts and construction ensure longer lifespans and more operating hours

  • Maintenance on well-designed pumps is simpler and often easier to do on site

Our mission is to help you realise these benefits—it’s why we maintain connections with proven manufacturers.

The Types of Pumps We Offer

We provide pumps suitable for many purposes, as part of larger farm equipment, such as sprayer arms, irrigation, and emergency fire fighting on your property. We stock parts and complete pump systems from the following manufacturers:

  • Ace Pumps — ideal for machinery used for chemical applications or liquid fertiliser.

  • Banjo Liquid Handling Products — highly durable farm pumps for both chemicals and water, perfect for moving between storage

  • John Blue — ideal for bar and cart applications

Additionally, we offer pumps by special order from:

  • Davey

  • Pentair

For example, we can help you acquire a Pentair HYPRO pump that can handle more materials, including wettable powders. Alongside our pump options, we provide extensive maintenance services, repair kits, and more to keep your equipment in service as long as possible.

Our solutions feature many variations to help you choose the right platform. Such attributes include cast iron or stainless production, diverse drive options such as hydraulic, engine, or ground, and several options for critical pump seals. We can help you find the appropriate solution for your use case and budget - no matter your specific application.

Inquire About Securing Better Pumps for Your Farm Today

Your farm pumps must be powerful and reliable to keep you on task daily. With Burando Hill, acquiring the appropriate hardware is easier than ever. We fully understand these products, and with decades of experience and a track record of agricultural innovation, we’re ready to help match a unit to your needs. Chat with us today to get started.


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