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Choosing the Best Farm Equipment in Australia

Whether you are a farmer with one hectare of soil or manage an enormous amount of land, we have a wide variety of equipment to meet your needs. Our passion is to provide you with the machinery to make your job more efficient while ensuring you produce high-yielding crops. Walk through some of the most popular and innovative farm equipment in Australia, itemised below and available for the modern-day farmer.

Tractors: Often, tractors are the first purchase a farmer makes and is the most common agriculture machinery. It is versatile, especially since there is a myriad of attachments available. While the horse and plough offer romantic images of farming, the tractor provides the efficiency that gets things done today. You can till and cultivate your property, plant seeds, and combat pest control from the driver’s seat. A four-wheel garden variety tractor may suit you if you’re a small-scale farmer, whereas a 12-wheel tractor with four-wheel drive allows large-hectare farmers to conquer massive crops.

Harvesters: Elbow grease may be how farmers tackled crops a century ago, but a combine harvester, for example, provides an efficient and fast capability to cut and collect your grain today. Less manual labour means you can reap, thresh, and winnow at a pace that ensures crops get to market quickly. It provides enormous versatility for greater output with less effort.

Cultivators: Before seeding begins, farmers want to aerate the soil and increase the nutrients for better-performing crops. Harrows are a close cousin to cultivators since they act to churn the soil and smooth out the surface. Both attachments replace the hoe, which farmers used in days gone past. Because they mix up the top layer of soil, the cultivator and the harrow attack weeds, providing healthier crops. Both are available as tractor attachments.

Planters/Seeders: When it is time to sow the land, farmers no longer have to do the job by hand since this equipment replaces the time-consuming and labour-intensive activity. The planters align in rows at different widths, depending on the crop. Some seeders even dig the hole, drop the seeds, and cover the hole at once.

Sprayers: Along with fighting weeds, farmers must contend with insects and pests that can destroy their hard work. Sprayers can disperse herbicides and insecticides across large swaths of land as they dispense liquid-based fluid to stop pests in their tracks.

We are a leading provider of farming equipment to meet your needs. Our passion for the farmer sets our products apart from other farm equipment in Australia. Our agricultural solutions are engineered, manufactured, or tested on-site. Whether you want large-scale equipment or small parts for a machine you own, we have a solution. We offer grain handling and storage products, liquid and seeding technology, and monitoring devices. No matter your needs, we are here to serve you.


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